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Richie Lobb

Tips To Help Your Trade Business Win More Work

By Richie Lobb May 14, 2020
Forecasting the future workload for your trade business and making sure you have a constant flow of..
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New Tradify features for new ways of working

By Richie Lobb May 8, 2020
Since the arrival of COVID-19 our team has been dedicated to understanding its impact on..
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Feature Announcement: Online Credit Card Payments

By Richie Lobb April 20, 2020
Now more than ever it’s important to focus on your business's cash flow. Prompt invoicing and..
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Meet a Tradifier - Adam (Product and User Experience)

By Richie Lobb April 16, 2020
Earlier this week, we caught up with Adam from our product and user experience team. A big fan of..
Meet a Tradifier

Feature Announcement: Automated Payment Reminders

By Richie Lobb April 9, 2020
It should be easy, right? A customer requests that you do a job. You do the job. You invoice the..
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Meet a Tradifier - Adam (Customer Support)

By Richie Lobb April 2, 2020
This week, we had a yarn with Adam from our Customer Support team. Being at the “front door” of..
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Apex Construction Living The Admin Dream

By Richie Lobb March 30, 2020
No more admin nightmares for Pete Langford For a tradie who has only been in business a..
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Meet a Tradifier - Curtis (Founder & CEO)

By Richie Lobb March 26, 2020
With over 13,000 users across 6 continents, the Tradify team continues to grow. So we thought it..
Meet a Tradifier

Ben Dawes Plumbing Eliminates Admin Pain

By Richie Lobb March 12, 2020
And keeps his accountant very, very happy. Ben Dawes Plumbing specialises in residential plumbing..
Plumbers Case Study

Aussie electrician reduces admin time by 95%

By Richie Lobb March 5, 2020
Doing more admin in less time – only 5% of the work
Electricians Case Study

Feature Announcement: Tradify Enquiries

By Richie Lobb February 4, 2020
  Q&A with Ross Howard, Tradify Chief Experience Officer
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