Meet a Tradifier - Fabien Senie (Customer Support)

by Team Tradify, June 29, 2022


1. Who are you and where do you consider your hometown to be?

I am Fabien, I am from the south of France. I moved abroad when I was 19. I have lived in London for 3 years now.

2. What’s your role at Tradify?

My main duty at Tradify is to onboard new customers and follow up with them during their first 3 months of using the software.

3. The best thing about working with tradespeople is…

That they are friendly and chatty people, you can tell they are in contact with customers all the time as well.

4. What’s your biggest goal at Tradify?

To be part of the company's growth and see tradespeople thrive using Tradify.

5. How do you like to down tools and relax?

Ideally, I like to hike — even around London is great!

Mat_Fabien_the words London spelt out in light bulbs on London streets

6. Quickfire round

Cats or dogs?
Cats (meet Luna), I love dogs too though! And rabbits… (meet Jacob)!

Mat_Fabien_close up of grey cat named Luna

Mat_Fabien_close up of brown rabbit named Jacob

Tea or coffee?


My favourite thing to do in summer is…

Barbecue with friends.

Mat_Fabien_two males and one female taking a selfie with hills in the background

Favourite lunchtime meal?

Halloumi toastie from Pret a Manger.

If I could instantly master any trade, it would be...


Country you most want to travel to?


Mat_Fabien_man standing on the waterfront looking at the camera and smiling with the ocean and city in the background

If you could have a conversation with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Albert Camus to better understand the man behind the books.

What is one song you will be adding to the Tradify playlist?

The sea by Morcheeba.