Making the Tradify Experience Faster

by Team Tradify, April 27, 2018

Icon-SpannerGearTradify is the fastest job management app on the market

We've worked hard over the last couple of months on a number of under-the-hood initiatives to speed up the system, so it’s always snappy wherever you need to use it.

Initially, we let a few people try the upgraded app to make sure we’d ironed out all the creases. We then rolled out the supercharged app to everyone back in April 2018.

So if you haven’t already, check the Google Play or Apple App Store to make sure you have the latest version. 

How fast is fast?

In terms of numbers, the time it took to open the app and get to the dashboard was 9 seconds, now it's only 2 seconds - that's 350% faster.

Likewise, the time it took to list all your jobs then open one of them has been slashed by 225% - it was 6.5 seconds, now it's only 2 seconds. 

For those of you who want the juicy details, here’s what our tech team did to speed the system up:

  • A new database connection: Previous versions of the app used an XML-based web service and an old version of a framework for talking to our databases. We upgraded the framework to the latest, fastest version, and changed the service to a modern JSON-based restful service.

  • Separate cloud storage: All your attachments, invoice and photos were stored in our database, which was making them large, slow and unwieldy. We've now moved all these to secure storage in the cloud.

  • A faster information highway: We optimised a number of server requests relating to sign-in/login, viewing your dashboard, and getting jobs.

  • Lightning-fast servers. On top of that, we improved our cloud servers, so everything should run faster in general.

The best news?

This is just the start. We’ve doubled our tech team because there are always improvements to be made, especially with a growing company like ours. As always, if you notice any areas of the app that need a boost, please let us know.

We're here to help

If you need extra help using Tradify, you can visit our Help Centre at any time. If you need more personal assistance, get in touch with our friendly support team.