Meet a Tradifier - Petronella (UK Customer Team)

by Team Tradify, January 24, 2022

Meet a tradifier blog cover Petronella UK Customer Team

Who you are and where are you from?

I’m Petronella (or Nella, for short). I’m originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, but I’ve lived in London for about 3 years now.

evening shot of small European town covered in snow

What's your role at Tradify?

I am a Customer Success Representative, which means I help tradespeople get the most out of their Tradify account by training them to use it, answering any questions, and helping them save time on administrative tasks.

The best thing about working with tradespeople is…

Their knowledge! Every tradesperson I speak to teaches me as much about the industry as I teach them about Tradify.

What's your biggest goal at Tradify?

Helping tradespeople save time and work more efficiently, which results in them having more free time!

How do you like to down tools and relax?

I love travelling to new places, reading good books, and going to museums or art exhibitions.

Quickfire round:

Cats or dogs?

Cats. I don’t mind dogs, especially my parent’s dog Melvin 🐶

black dog wearing hat looking out the car window

Tea or coffee?

Tea! I get through about 10 cups a day.

My favourite thing to do in summer is…

Going to a lake with a good book and some snacks.

Petronella girl from a distance standing on rock platform near lake

Favourite lunchtime meal?

A salmon poke bowl or a falafel wrap.

If I could instantly master any trade, it would be…  

Carpentry! I always loved helping my dad with carpentry and building projects growing up. Or painting & decorating, as I always find painting walls and fences super fun.

Country you most want to travel to?

Cuba 🇨🇺

girl sitting on top of rocks looking out at the mountain views

What is one song you will be adding to the Tradify music playlist?

Anything by ABBA really 💃