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For plumbers, the national preference to renovate is an unmissable opportunity to drive business growth. It opens up a whole new market of aspiring home reno enthusiasts, and with it a healthy profit margin. So how can you be a winner? Read on as we explore five ways you can attract home renovation clients, like moths to a flame.

Get down with the latest trends

The latest stats from the Westpac Renovation Report are in and according to the financing pros, Australian homeowners are choosing to renovate rather than move. Yep, home improvements trump the inconvenience, costs and stress of moving house. And best of all, the average homeowner spends around $48,000 when giving their home a little TLC.


As some Plumbers will know one of the hot reno trends of late is Spa style sanctuaries. Three words but one hell of a trend. If you want to really amp up your game when it comes to attracting more home renovation clients, getting down with the luxury bathroom trend is a must. The great thing about this particular movement is that for even for diehard DIYers, hooking up bathroom plumbing can be too damn complicated. This makes your services invaluable.


To make the most of renovators with rain showers, floating cisterns, splash rooms, luxury faucets, touch technology, soak tubs, statement basins and steam pumps on their minds, consider adding a ‘bathroom’ specific section to your website. Mention you specialise in installations on your business card and don’t forget to shout out about your expertise on social media.



Be social

As mentioned before, social media is a lethal weapon when it comes to promoting your business. And best of all, it’s free. Unlike contracts commissioned by business owners, property development groups or house and land package providers, home renovations are managed by the owner themselves.


This means that to connect with everyday homeowners, you need to speak their language. Yep, we’re talking about social media. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to engage with existing customers, as well as network with new ones.


Think it’s all a sensationalised waste of time? With new research from Go-Gulf’s Businesses on Social Media – Statistics and Trends report citing that 46% of web users look towards social media when making a purchase, and 3 in 5 SMEs gained customers thanks to a social media presence, you’d be a mug to ignore the importance of a dynamic online presence. Feeling overwhelmed? This ‘how to’ from Hootsuite is gold when it comes to setting up major accounts.



Think comfort, style and ROI

So Aussie homeowners are choosing to renovate. But why? Thanks to the crew at Westpac, we know that the top motivations for renovating are making homes more comfortable (64%), updating the style of the property (55%) and increasing the value of the property (41%).


With this in mind, tailor your plumbing services to be comfort centric, on-trend and value oriented. With bathroom remodels generally offering around 65% in returns and kitchens offering 75%, you’re plumbing services are in high demand when it comes to high ROI renovations.



Make it smooth sailing

One of the major reasons homeowners shy away from renovations is the fear that taking on projects is just too hard or stressful. Cue cold hard insight from the Westpac report itself…

“While many Australians are excited by the possibility of renovating their home, there is a heightened perception of difficulty – perhaps from friends or family stories, or the testing circumstances seen on popular reality renovation shows. Although renovating can sometimes be a stressful experience, our research found that just over half of all renovators agree that renovating is fun and enjoyable.”


Hammer a nail into the coffin of this one by offering your customers a friendly, efficient service from start to finish. Keep communication lines open, with phone numbers and email addresses available via your website, social media profiles, business card, Yellow Pages listing, local advertisements and so on. Offer fast and accurate quotes, speedy call backs and friendly on-site service.



Go green

Eco-friendly consumers are the future, and the movement starts at home. By ‘greenifying’ your plumbing services you’ll appeal to the huge demographic of consumers who actively choose eco-friendly goods and services over their indifferent counterparts.


We’re talking high efficiency toilets, water saving shower heads, solar heating, greywater systems, rainwater collection and so on. Get down with earth conscious plumbing, and the home reno customers will be banging down your door.


Now we’ve had a pretty in-depth look at how to attract home renovation clients. But when they start rolling in, does your plumbing business have the scope to handle increased home reno traffic?


If you’re seeing question marks, take a look at our website to see  how Tradify can streamline your operations and create a faster, smarter and more organised business. From quick quotes and project scheduling to easy invoicing and workforce mobilisation, the next generation of job management software can help you run your business.

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