Meet a Tradifier - Sean (UK Sales Team)

by Team Tradify, March 31, 2022


Who are you and where are you from?

I'm Sean, born and raised in South East London. Outside of work, I play for a football team on the weekends and front a band as a singer/guitarist. I’m also a big fan of Charlton Athletic Football Club, watching them home and away across the country.

I'm also proud to be training for the Brighton Marathon (26.2 miles) on 22 April. I’m doing it to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.


What's your role at Tradify?

My role is to help guide clients from our 14-day trial, through to becoming fully-subscribed clients. I answer any questions they may have and walk them through our amazing system.

The best thing about working with tradespeople is…

It’s just like chatting with my mates down at the pub — all my friends are in trades. I can chat about anything with them and they’re so down to earth.

What are you most looking forward to now that you're working at Tradify?

Being able to see how the hard work that I put in will help the company to grow.

How do you like to down tools and relax?

Running across the Thames, playing & watching football, playing the piano & guitar, writing songs, and watching crime documentaries.


Quickfire round:

Cats or dogs?


Tea or coffee?

Coffee. Anyone in the office could tell you my addiction to caffeine — a salesman's favourite tool.

What's your favourite thing to do in summer?

Hit the pub or the beer garden with live music!

Favourite lunchtime meal?

Pasta... just any pasta.

If you could instantly master any trade, what it would be?  

Anything that would help me with flatpack furniture 😅

Which country do you most want to travel to?

America. I’m aiming to do Route 66 for my 30th birthday.

What is one song you will be adding to the Tradify music playlist?

Lucy by Simmons And The Stags (that's my band) 😉