Throwing our support towards Tech She Can.

Tech she can


Any business that wants to be successful in today’s business landscape needs to have a great mix of people, talent, and drive. Gone are the days where stereotypes ruled the lands and certain demographics reigned supreme over others. In saying this, there still exists an imbalance in the workforce and it needs to change.

That’s why at Tradify, we’re incredibly proud to announce our pledge of support for the PwC Tech She Can Charter. We’re continually striving to ensure we develop and foster a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone pursuing in a career in Tech. This issue shouldn’t even exist, but it does, which is why we’re doing something about it.

But how can a New Zealand software company who is dedicated to helping tradespeople go digital and reclaim their nights make a meaningful difference?

We have many awesome women in our SaaS business who are incredibly talented, who bring more to the table, and are keen to share their learnings plus support the next generation. We believe that together we can strive to make a change, and restore the balance of women-to-men ratio in what is one of the most exciting industries to work in. Ever.

Our efforts aren’t just focused on our home turf in New Zealand, where our company plus a whole host of global SaaS businesses were established. We are a global business and have recently opened up a UK office and are committed to spreading this diversity there too.

So is the future bright for women in the tech industry? It definitely is in our business, and we’re doing what we can to make it brighter for others around the world too. So watch this space. And if you’re interested in working for a SaaS business that’s got huge plans, then check us out here.