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Email Marketing for Small Businesses & Tradespeople

By Tradify Team October 19, 2021
In this digital age, the average Joe is attached to a phone almost 24/7. We almost never switch..
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Social Media Ideas for Builders and Construction Workers

By Tradify Team October 11, 2021
Social media platforms have transformed from places to upload snaps of gram-worthy brunches to..
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How To Take a Good Work Photo – Photography for Tradespeople

By Tradify Team October 8, 2021
They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and when it comes to promoting a business, that’s..
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How To Calculate the Cost of Building Materials

By Tradify Team October 3, 2021
Some tradespeople add a fixed percentage to their quotes, but that is an approximation, not a..
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Offline Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses & Tradespeople

By Tradify Team September 27, 2021
Gone are the days of running a business with pen and paper. Breakthroughs in the digital space..
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How To Build a Brand for Your Trade Business

By Tradify Team September 27, 2021
According to ManpowerGroup’s annual talent shortage report, highly skilled trade workers are the..
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How To Start a YouTube Channel for Your Trade Business

By Tradify Team September 26, 2021
YouTube was created in February 2005 by three ex-PayPal employees and sold to Google in 2006. Now,..
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How To Train an Apprentice

By Tradify Team September 19, 2021
Fresh out of school, many young people rush to university to get a degree. While that route suits..
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How To Be a Good Carpenter – 8 Things Every Builder Should Know

By Tradify Team August 11, 2021
Carpentry is one of the oldest professions in the world. We've had thousands of years to improve..
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How To Collect Money From Clients Who Won’t Pay

By Tradify Team August 10, 2021
Most of the time tradespeople deal with straight-up clients who pay on time and with a smile. But..
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How To Keep Your Trade Business Running When You’re on Holiday

By Tradify Team July 23, 2021
As a trade business owner, the idea of taking a holiday might be far from your mind — you might not..
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Highest Paying Trades - Average Rates for Tradespeople

By Tradify Team July 13, 2021
Earning big money these days doesn’t necessarily involve years at uni or climbing up a corporate..
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