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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation - What Every Electrician Needs to Know

By Tradify Team March 29, 2021
The electric vehicle (EV) market is booming – over 2000% by 2030, according to some Wall St..
Tips & Tricks Electrical

Government Incentives for Employers To Hire Apprentices

By Tradify Team March 16, 2021
Tradespeople are the backbone of many economies around the world. As a result there is a continued..
Tips & Tricks Building & Construction

Small Business Sales Forecasting for Tradespeople

By Tradify Team March 15, 2021
At some point, as you’re setting up or running your trade business, you’ll likely come across the..
Tips & Tricks

Small Business Break-Even Analysis for Tradespeople

By Tradify Team March 15, 2021
When you start a trade business, one of your priorities will be to make enough money to break even...
Tips & Tricks

Best Apps For Self-Employed Contractors

By Tradify Team March 14, 2021
The apps you need in your contractor tool belt
Tips & Tricks

You Need More Than Just Accounting Software to Run a Trade Business

By Tradify Team March 12, 2021
You need the right tool for the job. Most trade business owners use accounting software to help..
Tips & Tricks

End of Tax Year Checklist for UK Tradespeople

By Tradify Team March 2, 2021
End of tax year checklist for UK contractors, small businesses and tradespeople
United Kingdom Tips & Tricks

The Top 5 Things Trade Business Owners Want More Control Over

By Tradify Team February 24, 2021
Tips to improve your business processes According to our recent Tradify Pulse Survey, over 70% of..
Tips & Tricks

4 Things Trade Business Owners Must Do Post-COVID

By Tradify Team February 23, 2021
Get ready for new opportunities and new challenges
Tips & Tricks

What are my rights as a trade contractor in the UK?

By Tradify Team February 10, 2021
A brief look at UK employment law As a self-employed trades contractor in the UK, it’s important to..
Tips & Tricks

How Effective Is Your Face Mask Against COVID-19?

By Tradify Team February 8, 2021
Just because your face is covered doesn’t mean you’re protected Wearing a face mask while working..
Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Brands for Electricians in 2020

By Gil-lec (Guest Post) October 21, 2020
Our mates at Gil-lec Electrical wholesalers give us the run-down on the top brands UK electricians..
United Kingdom Tips & Tricks Electrical

How To Start a YouTube Channel for Your Trade Business

By Tradify Team September 1, 2020
Three successful YouTube tradesmen share their secrets More video content is uploaded to..
Tips & Tricks