Cleaner Performance Appraisal Template

Talk constructively about what your team is doing well and what might need some work. The goal is to help everyone improve the way they work together.

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Cleaner performance appraisal template
How can a Cleaner Performance Appraisal Template help my cleaning business?

Assess staff performance over time, including:

  • Time management -  Arrival times, completing timesheets,  and the ability to complete projects. 
  • Health & safety - Do they follow all required health and safety protocols? 
  • Knowledge & skill improvement - Recognise their continued learning and additional training. 
  • Teamwork - Discuss their ability to work within the team, plus the ability to take direction or lead as necessary. 
  • Customer service - Include their interactions with clients, customers and members of the public. 
  • Working under pressure - How do they respond to unexpected events and situations? 

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