Contractor Profit Margin Calculator

A free tool for calculating your contracting profit margin. You need to be sure you're making a profit on every job!


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How much profit am I making on this contract?

Professional contractors shouldn't be guessing their profit margin. With our free profit margin calculator, you'll be able to see exactly how much you're making on each contract.

Access our free contractor profit margin calculator

This calculator will help you figure out:

Total costs

Labour, materials, and overheads all need to be calculated to work out your total costs.

If you're making money

It's surprisingly easy to lose money on jobs. Never let it happen again!

Peace of mind

Become more confident with what you're charging.

Steps to calculate accurately

Our calculator will guide you each step of the way to help you work out your exact profit margin.

Whether you’ve been contracting for years or you’re just starting out, our profit margin calculator can help you. Ensure you’re making a decent profit on top of covering your costs.