Health & Safety Survey Questions for Trade Businesses

Every trade business is encouraged to consult their employees when it comes to health & safety. To make that easier, we've built a survey that you can send to your staff.

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The most effective way to reduce workplace risk is to get the whole team involved.

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How can a Health & Safety Survey help my trade business?
  • Identify new hazards - Stay on top of new risks that appear in the workplace, and make sure your staff know how to stay safe.
  • Retain staff - Businesses that show they care for their staff are much more likely to attract and keep good workers.
  • Build a positive environment - Staff who feel cared for have increased productivity and engagement.
  • Keep costs down - Proper health & safety protocols can save you money in the long run.
  • Win more work - Large companies often only subcontract to those with a similar commitment to health & safety.

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