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Behind the Tools

Learn from the experts in the field as they discuss common issues and share insights into running a trade business. 


Tune in to hear Tradify CEO Michael Steckler explore life in the trades

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031_Joshua Bice_Square

Cranky Customers With Joshua Bice

Josh talks about suppression systems, cranky customers, and being brave about starting a business.

038_Sophie Maguire Pink Plumbing_Square

Exceeding Expectations With Sophie Maguire

Sophie talks about standing up to outdated ideas, exceeding expectations, and encouraging the younger generation to pick up the tools!

010_Ryan Englin_Square

Recruitment & Culture With Ryan Englin

Ryan from Blue Collar Culture talks about recruitment red flags, considering company culture, and instructions for interviewing.

Don't just take our word for it


“I opened Tradify, and right away I thought, ‘This is perfect!’"

Gennady Tsakh HVAC
Absolute Mechanical

“We found it to be the most robust piece of software that was super easy to install and train our employees. We got up and running on the first day – there was zero business interruption, which was key for us as a small business."

Mike Renwick Electrical
Scoreboard Enterprises

“We’ve been pleased with our growth so far. And you know, Tradify has been a huge part of that."

Josh Bice Fire Services
Rapid Fire Protection

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