Tradify Partner Programme

Do you know any contractors who need help managing their admin? Get $200 for every referral who becomes a Tradify customer!

Help your customers get their admin under control. Join the Tradify Partner Programme for accountants, bookkeepers, and construction business advisors.

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How Tradify helps contractors

Make everyone's life easier by syncing Tradify with Xero or QuickBooks.


Built for individual contractors & small construction businesses

Whether your clients work by themselves or manage a small team, Tradify helps cut down admin & gets businesses organized - quickly.


Capture and respond to inquiries with little effort.

Tradify’s inquiries engine can keep your clients' leads (phone calls, emails, conversations) in one place. Saving them from double-handling and speeding up response times.


Create professional quotes on the fly

With Tradify, your clients will be able to create quotes as soon as they get off the phone. Our customizable templates and kits ensure your clients' quotes are ahead of the pack.


Track jobs from quote to invoice easily

Tradify will give your clients all that they need, wherever they are. Our web, iOS and Android apps are designed to cut out double-handling and streamline job tracking.


Schedule on the go

Our app provides a real-time view of who's closest to a job for faster dispatch. Your clients will be able to communicate with their team quickly and efficiently - keeping jobs ticking over


Get paid faster

Tradify users can send invoices to their clients as soon as the job is finished. Prompt invoicing and progress invoicing and are two great ways to give cashflow a boost. Our automatic payment reminders save time spent chasing payments


Effortless Accounting

Tradify syncs with Xero or QuickBooks - letting your clients push and reconcile invoices with just one click. Tradify can also instantly import customers' information and pricelists into the app and reconcile bills in their accounting system.

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Tradify Partner Program UK

Free setup assistance
Simple pricing
Friendly support

Why join the Tradify Partner Programme?

How it works

Tradify + online accounting software is the perfect solution to help reduce the admin burden for your clients, while also making your life easier. As a member of the Tradify partner program, you can choose to receive a referral bonus of CAD$200 for every paid subscription.

Help your clients succeed

You’ll help your clients cut out hours of admin. Tradify is the fastest and easiest way for your clients to run their construction business. It’s the easiest-to-use, all-in-one tool designed specifically for construction and home service businesses.

Make your life easier with up-to-date data

Connecting your client's Tradify account with online accounting software such as QuickBooks or Xero will reduce double entry of quotes, invoices, and customers, making sure the books are always up to date with the latest data.

Specialize in construction & home services businesses

Construction businesses represent a significant market opportunity that you can capture by leveraging your knowledge and skills alongside the right tech tools to help them succeed.

Get free access to exclusive training videos, reports & product updates

We’ll notify you of all the important updates & news around Tradify.

Free training & ongoing support for your clients

Our team of Tradify Experts will guide your clients through account setup, train them on the core features of the app, and answer any of their questions. All included in their monthly subscription.

Easy to use partner portal

We’ll give you access to our partner portal - giving you the ability to create free trials, track your referrals, and access and manage your clients’ Tradify accounts.

Earn when you refer

We can provide you with a one-time payment of CAD$200 for every referred client that signs up to Tradify.

Questions about the Tradify Partner Programme?

What happens once I sign up to the Tradify Partner Programme?

Once you have applied to become a Tradify Partner, we will email you instructions on how to create your partner account and begin making referrals.

Is there a limit on how many referral bonuses I can earn?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. You will be paid a referral bonus of $200 for every referral who upgrades to a paid Tradify subscription.

How do I make sure that I get paid for my referrals?

You will need to create free trial accounts for your referrals in your Partner Demo account. This is how we will know they are your referrals.

What accounting & payment software does Tradify integrate with?

Tradify integrates with XeroQuickBooks.

Will I be able to access my clients' Tradify accounts?

Yes. You will be able to access your clients' Tradify accounts without them having to pay for an additional user.

How long does my Tradify free trial last for?

Once you become a Tradify Partner, we will convert your free trial account to a Partner Demo account. This account will not expire.

When will I be paid for my referrals?

Once you become a Tradify Partner, you will be paid a referral payment of $200 for every customer who upgrades to a paid Tradify subscription.

Payment for your referrals will be made monthly or quarterly, depending on the volume of referrals who upgrade. We will provide more information on the payment process and timing once you begin making referrals.

How will I be paid for my referrals?

If one of your referrals upgrades to a paid Tradify subscription, you will receive an email from Tradify the following month with confirmation of the upgrade(s) and instructions on how to receive your referral payment(s). Referral payments are paid one month following the upgrade of a referral to a paid subscription.

What if I have already started a free trial with Tradify?

If you have already started a free trial with Tradify without using the specific free trial link in your welcome email, please email our Partner Team at

What if one of my customers already signed up with Tradify before I became a Tradify Partner?

In order to receive a referral payment, you will need to create a free trial for your referrals in your partner account. If your client creates a trial directly with Tradify, you will not be paid a referral bonus.

If your client created a trial with Tradify before you became a Tradify Partner, you will not be paid a referral bonus.

What if my customer has signed up for a free trial directly with Tradify?

Tradify Partners will only receive payment for referrals where the Tradify free trial is created in their partner account.

Will I be paid a referral bonus based on the number of free trials I create?

No. Tradify Partners are paid a referral bonus for every customer who upgrades to a paid Tradify subscription, not based on the number of free trials.

If I create a free trial for one of my clients, what happens next?

Once you have created a free trial for one of your clients, a member of the Tradify Sales Team will reach out to help them see if Tradify is a good fit for their business. 

You are welcome to be involved in these conversations as well, but you don't need to be :)