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Here to stay

It will come as no surprise to those of you who have had the pleasure of working with David that he has in impressive 40+ years of industry experience. It all started many moons ago with the creation of a showroom in Cherry Park, Melbourn - a village in the far south-west of Cambridgeshire, England.

This images show a stack of 3 gold patterned cushions on some new beige carpet. Overlayed in white text on a blue background is a quite from Owner, David saying "with over 40 years in the industry we've got plenty of expertise

From starting out focusing only on domestic tiling and flooring, managing both the fitting and the shop floor, David and wife Vivienne, have grown the Melbourn Flooring & Interiors to incorporate a large team of fitters and show room staff, taking care of everything from large scale commercial projects to interior design products and services, as well as flooring supply and installation.

Say's Vivienne "It's been a busy time but right now we are focusing on making things more streamlined and upskilling all our staff so we can continue to grow while delivering the customer experience we pride ourselves on."

Melbourn Flooring & Interiors' Winning Formula

What makes Melbourn Flooring & Interiors a little different from the rest is that they offer a complete range of flooring supply and installation services - right across residential to commercial plus interior design, and of course, backed up by over 40 years of experience. They sell and fit, they make sure their fitters have extensive experience as well, and that both showrooms are full of knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Another secret to their success has been their decision to embrace Xero, the cloud accounting software, and Tradify, the job management software for trades businesses. Of the move to Xero Vivienne said "it was so easy I recommended them to another business." 

Combining Attitude and Technology to stay one step ahead

Once Xero had been successfully deployed, Vicki, the Operations Manager at Melbourn Flooring & Interiors, started looking for other cloud based tools that might help make invoicing, quoting and job tracking easier. Vicki found Tradify through the Xero App Marketplace.

Thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of Tradify, Vicki has quickly become an expert, and happily refers other businesses to Tradify because of the amazing difference its made to their business. She's also become the chief trainer for Melbourn Flooring & Interiors.

The software comes with a whole range features but for Vicki it's just about making invoicing, scheduling and tracking faster and easier.

The time saved on these aspects mean this inspiring team have more time to focus on delivering great customer outcomes and staying one step ahead of the trends and the competition!

Need help with your flooring or interiors project?

If you're considering a residential or commercial project then you need to chat with Melbourn Flooring & Interiors first.

To check them out you can visit their showroom at Phillimore Garden Centre, Cambridge Road, Melbourn Hertfordshire, or online at

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