Get paid faster with Tradify & Stripe credit card payments.

Quick and easy to set-up, start taking online credit card payments using Tradify in minutes.

Stripe and Tradify

Take a pass on the fees

With Tradify payments you can easily choose to pass the credit card fee on to your customer (or not, your choice) so you don't have to pay the fee.

The fee is a percentage of the invoice total plus a small fixed fee per successful card charge. Click here for details.

No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.

No fixed term contracts.

Lots of automation = less admin

XERO - Two Way Sync

Automated payment reminders

Spend less time chasing payments and get paid faster. Before, on and after the invoice due date, we’ll automatically send friendly reminders to your customers to pay.


Reconcile automatically in Xero

Less need to login in to another system. Payments will automatically be reconciled in Xero with Xero two-way sync.

Track Cashflow

Payments recorded in Tradify

Cut out an extra task. Payments will be automatically recorded in Tradify and moved to paid for you.


Automated receipts

Why add another step to the process. Stripe will send payment receipts to your customers.

Easy to use

Two-day turn-around

Receive your first payout 7 days after payment (for fraud prevention purposes). Then subsequent payouts are 2 days after payment.

Handy default settings

Choose whether to have credit card payments on by default, and whether to pass the fees on to your customer on by default.

Another payment option

You can still include other payment options on your invoices such as bank transfer, cash, etc., alongside Tradify credit card payments.

Safe & Secure

Tradify uses state of the art fraud protection and security to keep your transactions safe and secure.