Tradify's Quarterly Update for Q1, 2020

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The first quarter of 2020 has passed us in a flash. We're proud of the features we have to support you as customers, developed both in New Zealand's lockdown and back in the office. Our team remains focused on supporting you through COVID-19.

We’re proud to have delivered numerous useful features that are helping our customers get paid faster, cut down their admin time and meet new health & safety standards.

Here’s a round-up of the new features we’ve launched over the last 3 months.

Cut down on the follow-up

A common pain for many trade businesses is the amount of time and energy spent following up with their customers on unpaid invoices.

To remove this headache, we launched automated payment reminders. This is a new tool that can be switched on within any Tradify account, allowing tradies to send customised payment reminder emails for any invoice sent from Tradify. 

These reminder emails can be scheduled to send:

  • 3 days before the invoice due date
  • On the invoice due date
  • 3 days after the invoice due date
  • 7 days after invoice due date

Combining payment reminders with our x-ray vision feature gives trade business owners greater insights into what your customer has seen. Helping you get paid faster.


What are our customers saying?

"I had one client call me the other day and mention the payment reminders. His invoice had been outstanding for well over a month. I said 'I'm not being funny, but if you paid the bill, the reminders would stop."

Lee Fisher, Lc Fisher Electrical, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Get paid faster with online payments

Tradify Online Payment Systems

Another way to get paid faster is to make it easier for your customers to pay you. That’s why our product team was excited to launch online credit card payments on invoices sent from Tradify.  

Through our partnership with Stripe, Tradify users now have the ability to offer their customers a simple and secure online payment option.

Since launch, we’ve seen a large increase in the number of Tradify customers getting paid through this method, with many tradespeople saying that their customers prefer to pay invoices on their credit cards. The good news for tradies is that this option also means you get paid faster.  

Get more info about online credit card payments.


Staying safe and on top of your schedule

With many industry health and safety standards changing due to COVID-19, trade business owners need to make sure they keep themselves, their team and their customers safe.

To help reduce physical customer contact we launched a smart new SMS system that provides templates to notify customers what time you’ll be at the job, when you have arrived and when you have finished.

We also highlighted the new use of job templates. This feature is helpful for our customers to use when checking off health & safety requirements for each job.

With many jobs being rescheduled, we launched a helpful notification feature to let both your customers and staff know when the timing of a job has been changed. This notification also allows tradespeople to enter messaging for customers. For example, health & safety measures that need to be followed, while on the job.

Get more info about SMS Quick Contact and health and safety templates.

Contact Tracing Reports

New health & safety policies throughout the world mean some trade businesses are now required to keep records of where their staff have been, who they interacted with and for how long. This information is widely known as Contact Tracing and allows health authorities to access important information to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To help, we now offer Contact Tracing Reports within Tradify. This report is created using data added to the scheduler & timesheets. Continue to record your daily operations within Tradify and you’ll have access to a Contract Tracing Report, if required. 

Get more info about Contact Tracing Reports.

Contract Tracing in Tradify Web App

The best news about all these new features?  If you’re a Tradify customer, you get access to them all at no additional cost.

What’s next?
Our team is getting ready to launch more great features in the next few weeks and months. Stay tuned to our blog and emails in the coming weeks to learn more.

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