Online Quotes for Tradies in NZ

Tradify's quoting feature allows you to create and send professional quotes from any device. Quote quicker than ever with the Tradify app.

Available for desktop, iOS & Android.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Professional quotes in seconds

Win more work with customisable quote templates, price lists, automated email & text message communications, and a much faster quoting process.

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Quotes, estimates & invoices made easy

  • Add your logo, brand colours, and company information.
  • Insert optional line items for customers to accept/decline.
  • Seamlessly switch between estimates and quotes for whatever stage you're at.
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Easy to use quoting software

Quote, schedule, manage jobs and issue invoices — faster than ever before.


Your quotes, invoices and estimates, all in one app

Switch between estimating and quoting easily with our document themes. Additionally, turn your quotes into invoices and jobs with a few clicks. 


Track your new enquiries & customer emails

Keep leads (phone calls, emails, conversations) in one place with our enquiries engine, saving you from more double handling. Managing proposals has never been so easy. 


Create professional documents in minutes

Tradify allows you to save customisable templates, price lists, and kits. Helping you keep ahead of the pack.


Manage your time and products on the go

Don’t wait till you’re back at the office. Save time by creating and sending unlimited quotes on the tools. Add price list items and labour from your work van. See how to win more quotes with Tradify.


Simple workflow for your clients  

Have an accepted quote? Schedule and start tracking the job with the tap of a button. 

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Automated follow-up service

Tracking your online quoting has never been easier. Use our quote reminders feature to send automated emails or text messages that will follow up on quotes that haven’t been responded to.

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Brand your content professionally

Make the quoting process simple for you and impressive to customers. Tradify's modern and customisable document themes give you a variety of designs for quotations that seal the deal. 

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Effortlessly work with an accounting integration

Tradify talks to your favourite accounting packages. Streamline the entire quotation cycle, from estimating to reporting. 

Free setup assistance
Simple pricing
Freephone helpline

Take it from the real experts - Tradify customers

Say goodbye to double-entry

Tradify works seamlessly with Xero, MYOB, and QuickBooks Online accounting systems.

Tradify talks to your favourite accounting software:

"Our business literally doubled in the past two years and Tradify is a big part of that."

Brad Kuhlmey

The Hamilton Group

Questions about using Tradify's quoting feature in New Zealand?

How much does Tradify cost?

Tradify costs per user, per month. You can also talk to us about team pricing options or find more details on our Pricing Page.

Tradify is a powerful job management platform on desktop, and can also be downloaded as an app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. Start your free 14-day trial today!

How can I become familiar with Tradify's quoting software?

At Tradify, customer experience is key. We offer free onboarding sessions to make the most of our product and have a friendly support team to assist you and your business.

Can I use Tradify's quoting tools in any trade industry?

Tradify's flexible software works for most trade industries including electrical, HVAC, gas, plumbing, carpentry and many more. 

Can I set up and save pricing lists?

Yes. Tradify allows you to not only create your own price list, but also import your supplier’s price list into the system. In order to import the price list it must be a CSV file. This helps speed up the process of creating quotes.

Can my customers accept and sign my quotation on-site?

The Tradify mobile app allows customers to accept your quotes while you are on site. You can use the mobile app to capture the customer’s signature against quotes, which will be saved and dated at the bottom of the quote.

Can my customers accept the estimate online?

Customers can accept quotes online straight from the email you send them. They will have the ability to accept and comment on the quote online.

Once accepted you will receive an email to inform you that the quote has been accepted. Tradify automatically updates the status of the quote in-app.

Can I break my quotes down into subheadings?

If you prefer to break your quotes up with subheadings, you can use the section feature in Tradify. This allows you to add subheadings to your quotes and even display subtotals for each section.

I only want to show the customer the total - can I hide line items?

Tradify allows you to edit and customise the information you display on your quotes. Using our document themes you can control the information you want to show your customers. This allows you to hide unit prices, quantities, or even the line items on the quote.

Can I set up Quote templates?

You can set up Quote templates within Tradify to help speed up your quoting process.

You can add a preloaded description and line items to your templates, to save you re-entering information. These can be edited and personalised for each quote.

What services does Tradify offer to manage customer details?

Tradify's Quotes must be linked to a Customer Profile. Creating a customer profile on site is a simple way to store contact information and keep all documents in one accessible place.