Showcasing AURA Home Tech, the Smart Home Experts in the Thames Valley

by Team Tradify, September 7, 2018

Smart homes mean smart business

While AURA Home Tech (previously Powertrac Electrical) have been in the electrical contracting business for over 10 years, it’s the relatively recent focus on smart homes that has seen AURA establish themselves as one of the finest electrical contractors in the Thames Valley region of South-East England.

A quote from Ben, CEO that says "We do lots of pre-job planning so once we get on-site we can get on with the job". In the background is a large screen smart TV.

So what makes AURA Home Tech so good?

Smart home experience combined with a strong background in electrical contracting means that AURA can offer savvy clients a one stop residential electrical contracting service that includes everything from home wiring right through to whole home WiFi.

Having this capability, and a reputation for delivering a good quality service at an affordable price, means the team at AURA are in hot demand. With three engineers on the ground already there are plans to get another two apprentices onboard soon so they can keep up with customer demand.

Communicating with customers quickly and clearly

This growth, as well as a business improvement focus from Ben, the CEO, has created a team focussed on getting the small things right first time, and always looking for new ways to leverage technology to deliver a great customer experience right across the board.

Says Ben, “Being experts in your trade is all well and good but being great communicators and great planners is often what wins you the job and gets you the referrals.”

"Right from when we first start working with a potential new client we make sure we are communicating, quickly and clearly. We use Tradify to make sure our quoting is fast yet accurate. This helps us win jobs."

"Using Tradify also means our scheduler is always up to date so we know exactly when we can be on site and if we are going to be late it's super easy to keep the customer informed and updated. Once a job is confirmed we do lots of pre job planning, drawing and ordering so when we get to site we get on with the job straight away.”

Power tools

As well as Tradify, the team at AURA also use a bunch of other easy to use, time-saving tools, like Whatsapp for communicating, Dropbox for file sharing, Xero for accounting and Receipt Bank for expense tracking.

“These tools help keep the customer involved and in touch and mean we spend more time on the project and less time on the admin.”

Ben and the team at AURA get immense satisfaction from seeing the lights go on and the network fire up once a job is completed. If you have a home to smart, or electrical project that needs doing then Ben and the team would love to hear from you. Visit the AURA website or follow along on Facebook.

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