Kerikeri Appliance Services: Keeping Cool for 20 Years

by Team Tradify, September 28, 2018

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Wayne Colebrook is your go-to when any appliances hit the proverbial fan. From working as an employee in several companies to being a contractor for others, Wayne spotted a chance to go out on his own and get his fair share of the appliance servicing market in the far north.

Wayne noticed the rate at which people are increasingly relying on appliances to cook, clean, cool, and heat. He realised there’s always going to be a need for servicing such appliances - because life often stops without them. That’s why Wayne is investing in and building up his company so he can one day sell what is becoming an increasingly lucrative business, then enjoy the picturesque environment up north.

Together with his part-timer in the office, Wayne has built up a solid operation.

"There's simply no substitute for experience when it comes to servicing our appliances"
- Wayne, Owner

The difference tech makes

Like most industries, the appliance servicing sector has become more and more reliant on technology and software. Businesses need to keep up with the changes and be committed to constant upskilling. Some find this overwhelming, but not Wayne. He’s found that if you do little bits often, it becomes easy.

Wayne uses Tradify to keep his business running smoothly and manage all his jobs. He makes sure that everything he implements into his business is simple, to make sure it can be fully utilised. Tradify fits the bill perfectly.

The biggest benefit that technology has provided Kerikeri Appliance Services is the instant accessibility of product information. For instance, if Wayne gets a query from a customer (current or potential), he can jump on his phone, grab all the info he needs from the app, and get back to them instantly. This has increased the level of professionalism his company can provide.

What locals get from Kerikeri Appliance Services

As their name suggests, Kerikeri Appliance Services offers servicing and repair work on a full range of whiteware and domestic appliances. While they’re authorised service agents for Fisher & Paykel and Electrolux, Wayne’s comprehensive industry knowledge and experience means he can all bring almost any appliance back from the dead. It's one of the reasons why his customers are more than happy to spread the word about his business to friends and family.

"We can bring almost any appliance back from the dead."

What makes Kerikeri Appliance Services special?

Wayne is very aware of the immense frustration and inconvenience that occurs when appliances break down. His empathy for situations like this, coupled with a personalised customer approach and focus means he stands head and shoulders above other companies in the area. Most importantly, Wayne is very good at what he does — with Tradify, he's even better.

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