Product Announcement: Job Service Reports

Feature Announcement


We’re stoked to announce the launch of Tradify’s newest feature - Job Service Reports.

Job Service Reports provide a summary of the work completed on a job. These reports are useful as they keep your customers informed with the specifics of a job. They will also speed up the time it takes to get a job signed-off - allowing you to send an invoice and get paid faster.

Watch the video below or continue reading to learn more about Job Service Reports.

What will I see on a Job Service Report?

We made Job Service Reports to be flexible for our customers. This means you can move things around, hide and show columns, as well as toggle on/off different fields to your liking.

Each report allows you to capture information like: 

Completed tasks:
What you did on the job and who did them.

How long it took you or your team to do the job and what days & times were worked.

The materials and products used to complete the job

Photos of the work you have completed and any additional notes taken while working on the job or speaking with your customer. 

Any terms or conditions such as when payment is due. 

Tradify Job Service Reports

What happens once I’ve created a Job Service Report?

Once created, simply download the report or email your customer a copy from your Tradify account. Your customer will then be able to accept, decline or add comments to the report, helping you invoice even faster.

What type of trade businesses would create & send Job Service Reports?

Job Service Reports are typically recommended for those doing maintenance & repair work. These work requests often come via a Work Order( i.e an instruction to carry out work where there is already a formal relationship). 

Typically, once the work is done, the tradesperson will create & send a Job Service Report to be signed off (eg: by a store manager or tenant). Once signed/accepted the report is sent to an admin to be processed for invoicing.


Can I customise what my Job Service Reports show?

Yes. Head over to the Document Themes section of your account to create your perfect template or do it on the fly by hiding/showing/moving information around when you create the Job Service Report.

Do Job Service Reports cost extra?

No. We like to keep our pricing simple. One price. All features. No volume limits on jobs.

I’d like some help getting started with Job Service Reports

We’re happy to show you the ropes. Existing customers can book a time with our Customer Success team. 

If you’re not already using Tradify, start a free 14 day trial or book a demo and one of our experts will be in touch.