How Tradify's Quote Reminders Win You More Work

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Tradify-Product-Update-Quote-RemindersTradify's Quote Reminder feature helps you win more work by automatically following up with potential customers. If you want faster responses to your quotes, read on about how this feature can get you on the tools more. 

Picture this - you get an email from a prospective customer asking you to come out and price up a job. Because you have your enquiries all set up in Tradify you’re able to respond quickly and head out to see the customer later that day.

After driving across town and after an hour of chit chat you’ve got an understanding of what actually needs to be done and price the job. It’s nothing too lengthy so you send the quote off later that night. You feel as if you built some rapport with the prospect plus they’re keen to get the project done so it should be accepted within a day or 2, right? 


Days go by, you try following up with the prospect via phone, text and email but hear crickets. A waste of time and effort that you could be spending on the tools or winning more work.

Maybe there’s a way to get a response faster?

Introducing Tradify Quote Reminders

To remove the need for manual follow up, we’re stoked to launch automated quote reminders into Tradify.

With quote reminders, we provide you with the ability to send scheduled follow up emails for quotes sent from Tradify. 

Switch on this feature and set up customised reminder messages to be sent:

  • 7 and 14 after the quote has been sent
  • 3 days before the quote expires

Reminders will be turned off when the prospect accepts or declines the quote. You’ll also be sent an email letting you know their decision. 

Quote reminders also work in tandem with Tradify’s X-Ray Vision feature so you can see when a quote has been delivered, viewed and accepted. 

How Quote Reminders work in action

Check out the video below to see how you can navigate this great feature.


How our customers love Quote Reminders

“With the Tradify reminders, there has been a phenomenal improvement in my quote acceptance rates and I’m getting paid faster.”

- Gifford's Electrical, Kidlington, Oxfordshire

"This new feature is working out well and is very handy. Helps save a lot of time and work by not having to send quote reminders manually.”

- Chilled Heat Queensland, Australia

Do I need to pay extra to get access to this feature?

No. We like to keep our pricing simple with one price and all the features. Even better, there are no limits on how many jobs you can do. 

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