5 Richest Builders of All Time

by Team Tradify, May 6, 2022

Most people expect to see singers, actors and sports stars topping the world’s rich and famous lists. But, would you believe that it’s not unusual to find tradespeople in the mix too? In particular, builders have gone on to build million-dollar companies from the ground up. 

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Check out our list of the richest builders of all time and find out how you can reach your full earning potential as a builder too.

1. The Manson Clan

Picture of the Manson Clan
Mansons TCLM is a New Zealand family-owned property development business run by two brothers. It was started by their grandfather Colin Manson, a labourer who went from tunnelling through mountains in the 1960s to real estate agent.

Over two generations, the business has grown into a billion-dollar enterprise. That’s a big deal considering Colin didn’t own a car until age 28, lived in state housing and got his first break at 30 – after borrowing money from his father-in-law to buy a three-flat conversion. 

2. Robin Ellis

picture of Robin Ellis
Robin Ellis started his construction business in 1984 and was once the go-to builder for the rich and famous of London, from David Bowie to Sir Mick Jagger and Vanessa Mae. He was well-known for luxurious basement conversions, retractable glass roofs and disappearing car bays. 

London’s “poshest builder” made the UK rich list with a fortune of $50 million. Not a bad haul, but he soon moved his company into administration – and allegedly hasn’t paid off debts.

3. Josh Downing

picture of Josh Downing
Josh Downing was a 31-year-old, full-time general contractor working for a construction firm when he advertised his services on Thumbtack, an online platform that pairs tradespeople with customers. 

This proved to be a great idea. His profile soon became a lucrative second revenue stream. 

Eventually, those extra jobs made him enough money to form his own construction firm, Direct Movement Group. The business earned close to half a million in its first year. Further growth saw the company earning $2.3 million in sales in 2015, eventually bringing in $4.9 million in revenue in 2016. 

Though Josh has since closed this business, the high-earning lifestyle isn’t over for him. In 2018, he created another successful construction business with his wife, Ashley. The couple finished their first year with $2.3 million in sales, which doubled to $4.7 million the following year.

4. Greg Gardner

picture of Greg Gardner
That name might ring a bell, and it should. Greg Gardner started G.J. Gardner Homes in Queensland, Australia in 1983. What began as an independent building business quickly grew into Queensland’s largest homebuilder, and became known as Australia’s No. 1 and Most Trusted National Home Building brand. 

In 1995, Greg decided to franchise the company. Internationally, G.J. Gardner Homes has built over 28,000 homes with franchises operating across New Zealand, Australia and the US. 

Today, the company is worth US$503 million, surpassing even some of the top building firms in the US. 

5. Bob Vila

picture of Bob Vila
Bob Vila made a living out of giving old, neglected homes makeovers using the trades he learned as a child from his father: construction, electricity, plumbing, and roofing. 

He gained more experience building houses in Panama with the Peace Corps as a young adult, before launching his own remodelling business. Then show business came calling.

You may remember Bob from “This Old House”, one of the original home improvement and house-flipping shows. From 1979, he was the host of the long-running show, sharing his remodelling tips and tricks with eager DIYers watching at home.

“This Old House” won 18 Emmy awards and garnered 85 nominations. Bob went on to host several other shows and is today worth $25 million.

6. Get rich as a builder

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Promote your business 

Start advertising your work and keep an eye out for opportunities to build your online presence. Use social media and other direct marketing strategies to engage with your community and build trust and rapport with prospective clients. Collect and share good reviews about your previous work, and get set up on Google My Business. Or, as the Manson Clan did, putting up a giant Santa Claus every year in Auckland, NZ – create a local tradition. 

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