Strong Phone Cases for Tradespeople

by Team Tradify, January 25, 2023

As a tradesperson, there’s no such thing as 9-5 and there’s certainly no cushy air-conditioned office. You’re on the tools and often outside come rain, hail or shine. You work in challenging conditions, environments where light may be restricted, and you’re often surrounded by dust and water. Because of this, your tools – including your mobile phone – take a beating.

With the rugged phone market taking over the trade industry, certain phones are being built to withstand even the roughest conditions. But if that’s not your thing, and you don’t want to part with your beloved iPhone or Android, a strong and sturdy phone case is what you need to save the day.

We’ve searched the market so you don’t have to. All in the search for the top strong phone cases for tradespeople based on their water, dust, and shock resistance. These options provide the best protection money can buy, so you never have to worry about your phone at work again. 

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  1. Buy a screen protector
  2. Otterbox
  3. Lifeproof
  4. Pelican
  5. Ghostek
  6. Scooch
  7. Rhinoshield
  8. Tough phones

1. First, buy a glass screen protector 

First, you’ll need to protect the most important part of your phone – the screen. A screen protector will help to prevent scratches, which is a likely scenario for a tradesperson surrounded by sharp tools and abrasive materials.  

It’ll also give your phone greater protection and a chance of survival if it’s dropped. A glass screen protector and a tough phone case will keep your phone 100% trade-proof. Plastic screen protectors are better than nothing, but they'll quickly become hard to see through after a bit of time onsite.

You can buy a glass screen protector from any shop that sells phones and electronic goods, or just search online for ‘glass screen protector’ + your phone model.

2. Otterbox 

otterbox case

Leading the way in phone case technology and design, US-company Otterbox produces a huge range of phone cases for a variety of iPhone and Android phones – each equipped to withstand the toughest environments. If you buy an Otterbox phone case directly from their website, you also have the option to personalise or build your own case – the perfect partner to keep your smartphone looking sleek. 

Where to buy Otterbox phone cases: 

  • US: You can purchase a case straight from the Otterbox website. Prices range from $15 to $78.
  • UK: Shop the full range at the UK online store. Depending on the model and brand of your phone, prices vary significantly, but they offer free shipping on orders over £29.
  • NZ: Harvey Norman stocks a huge range of Otterbox phone cases, with plenty of options for iPhone and Samsung users. You can also find the Otterbox range at Noel LeemingPrices range from $35 to $89.95. 
  • AU: Shop the full range at the Australian online store and you’ll receive free shipping with every purchase. Prices range from $96.90 to $116.90.

3. Lifeproof

lifeproof case

One of the most recognisable strong phone cases on the market – and for good reason. Lifeproof is the top-selling waterproof case in the US since 2017, and they’re globally recognised as being a trusty accessory for tradespeople. They have a wide range of cases for iPhone, Samsung and Google phone users.

Where to buy Lifeproof phone cases:

  • US: Lifeproof's full range is available for purchase through their website. Prices range from $40 to $100
  • UK: You can shop the full range online at Lifeproof UK – they offer free shipping on all orders. Prices vary between £10 and £84.
  • AU: You can shop the full range online at Lifeproof Australia – and you’ll get free shipping on every order. Prices go from $59.95 to $109.95.
  • NZ: You can shop the full range online at Lifeproof Australia – they offer shipping to New Zealand. Prices depend on the make and model of your phone – between $60 and $110.

4. Pelican

pelican case

Canadian company Pelican designs and makes products that protect what you value most – including your phone. They make phone cases for a huge range of phones – iPhone, Samsung, LG, Pixel, and more. 

Where to buy Pelican phone cases:

  • US: You can purchase the full range through the Pelican website. Prices range from $40 to $70.
  • UK: You can find Pelican cases on eBay or Amazon UK – prices vary but average around £30 to £40.
  • AU: Case store stocks a large range of Pelican cases, with price depending on the make and model of your phone.
  • NZ: Noel Leeming stocks a selection of the Pelican range. Prices vary between $64.99 and $100.99.

5. Ghostek

ghostek case

Designed in New York City at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Ghostek combines technology and design to create phone cases with the customer in mind. Their range boasts some of the best features on the market – shock-proof, water-proof, heavy-duty, military-grade and ultra-protective, just to name a few. Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty on all their cases. 

Where to buy Ghostek phone cases:

  • US: You can shop the Ghostek range at Walmart. Prices go anywhere from $6 to $35.
  • UK: In Touch Telecoms is an official distributor of Ghostek products in the UK which means you can shop a huge range of the products through their website. Prices go from £14.95 to £38.95.
  • AU: There is no official distributor in Australia but their products are stocked on eBay, Amazon and punkcase.
  • NZ: There is no official distributor of Ghostek products in New Zealand, but we found a few of their cases on Mobile Fun and Punkcase. Prices average around $75.

6. Scooch 

scooch case

US brand Scooch claims to have produced “the world’s most ingenious phone case”. They cater to Apple and Samsung users with a wide range of cases to suit every phone. 

Where to buy Scooch phone cases:

  • US: You can shop the full range from the Scooch website. Cases are priced from $9 to $40.
  • UK: Amazon stocks a large range of Scooch products. Prices go from £6.60 to £43.73.
  • AU: You can shop a wide range of Scooch products through Amazon Australia. Prices go from $10 to $79, depending on the make and model of your phone. 
  • NZ: You can shop a wide range of Scooch products through Amazon Australia – who ship to New Zealand. Prices go from around $10 to $79.

7. Rhinoshield

rhinoshield case

UK company Rhinoshield produces military-grade protective smartphone cases for every phone – Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Google, Sony, HTC and Huawei. 

Where to buy Rhinoshield phone cases:

  • Rhinoshield offers worldwide shipping on all products. Prices vary, but they have a good range that accommodates all price points.

8. Looking for a phone to go with that case?

Check out our list of 5 Tough Phones for Tradespeople.

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