The Best Electrician Clothing – Upgrade Your Workwear

by Team Tradify, November 10, 2022

As an electrician, you appreciate when things function correctly and are designed to last. You may have your go-to brands for tools and hardware, but quality work clothing can be a little more tricky to find these days. And because it's not always cheap to run through a bunch of new clothes, trial and error is less than ideal.

Thankfully, there are some clothing brands out there that are dedicated to creating durable, functional, and budget-friendly clothing that electricians can rely on and love for years. Here’s a list of the best clothes for electricians we could find.

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1. Best shirts & jackets for electricians

The toughest shirt - Dickies Twill Long Sleeve Work Shirt

For an electrician, climbing through crawl spaces, lying across rough surfaces, and poking your arms through holes in walls are practically daily exercises. Because of this, any shirt you wear is going to have to put up with hard edges and surfaces that’ll pull and rip at your shirt. This is why a good, durable shirt is an absolute essential if you don’t want to be buying new shirts every week. 

This shirt from Dickies is tough and well-constructed. It’s basic, but it’ll endure plenty of wear and tear. It’s all you’ll ever need in the way of a decent work shirt. 

Dickies work shirt

The shirt that starts the most conversations - TradeMutt Workshirt

TradeMutt’s work shirt is designed to make a difference. With a focus on unique, out-there design, this shirt is made to spark wider conversations around mental health in the trades. Each shirt or item of workwear sold by TradeMutt raises money for TIACS, a free text & call service that offers professional mental health support to those who need it. If you’re in the market for a high-quality work shirt and want to help make a real difference in the trade community, then this is the one for you!

TradeMutt Work shirt

The ultimate all-around jacket - Helly Hansen Insulated jacket

Helly Hansen is well known for creating some of the best workwear on the market; this insulated jacket is proof of that. With its high-quality, thoughtful design and ultra-durable material, this jacket’s tough enough to withstand whatever you throw at it. 

In addition to its ruggedness, the jacket is also wind and water-resistant, and has enough storage to hold whatever you need to keep handy. 

Helly Hansen Shell Jacket

2. Best trousers for electricians

The best flame-retardant trousers - Blakader Crafstman Trousers

Often having to negotiate with live wires, one of the most common safety hazards for any electrician is fire. Not only are these trousers guaranteed to keep you fire-safe, but they’re also extremely practical. They’ve got a tonne of storage, protective knee pads, and are machine washable. Staying safe has never been easier!

Blakader Craftsman Trouser

The biggest workhorse - DeWalt Barstow Holster Work Trousers

With 7 pockets, 2 holsters, and reinforced knee pads, DeWalt’s work trousers are quite possibly the most practical trousers on the market. 

Despite being made of a lightweight, stretchy fabric, these trousers are still super tough. So, if you’re looking for something practical and unrestrictive that can go the hard yards, these are a great option. 

DeWalt Work Trousers

3. Best footwear and accessories for electricians

The best steel-toe footwear - Timberland PRO Ballast 6-Inch Work Boot

Timberland’s PRO Ballast Work Boots are everything you could ever need in a work boot. These boots are constructed with such high quality that they may last you your entire career if you treat them right. 

If you’re going to be wearing the same pair of boots for hours every day, you better hope that they’re comfortable too. Thankfully, Timberland has you covered. They’ve fitted these boots with their anti-fatigue technology to keep you comfortable in these puppies for as long as you’re in them.

Timberland Steel-toe boot

Handy insulated gloves - UVEX Polyamide Work Glove

We know that this pair of gloves don’t look like much, but these are absolutely essential for any electrician.

Their polyamide coating means that they’ll keep you protected from low-voltage electric shocks when handling wires, and their light-duty constructions mean that there won’t be any excess fabric getting in the way of those more fiddly jobs. Simple, yet effective — what more could you want?

UVEX Polyamide Work Glove

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