The Best Work Boots for Carpenters

by Team Tradify, June 7, 2023

“A carpenter’s best tool is their hands” — it’s an old phrase we’ve heard time and time again, but why isn’t the same importance given to your feet? Your feet get you from job to job and keep you standing till the task is done. You need to treat them right! 

Skimping on low-quality work boots that don’t suit your needs will either end in disaster, injury, or both. So step up and treat your feet to the perfect pair for you.

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1. The best steel-toe footwear - Timberland PRO Ballast 6-Inch Work Boot

Timberland PRO ballast work boot

Timberland’s PRO Ballast Work Boots are everything you could ever need in a work boot. These boots are constructed with such high quality that they may last your entire career if you treat them right. 

If you’re wearing the same pair of boots for hours every day, you better hope they’re comfortable too. Thankfully, Timberland has you covered. They’ve fitted these boots with their anti-fatigue technology to keep you comfortable in these puppies for as long as you’re in them.

2. The best waterproof work boots - RedWings Dynaforce Safety Boot

Redwings dynaforce work boot

When it comes to picking a pair of carpenter’s workboots, these Dynaforce Safety Boots from RedWings are a no-brainer. Recommended by a tonne of veteran carpenters, these boots do it all. The composite toe-capped boots are waterproof and lightweight, while their high ankle keeps debris at bay. 

3. The best budget boot - Jim Green Razorback 

Jim Green Razorback Boots

While it’s worth investing in supportive and protective footwear, the Razorback boots by Jim Green prove that you don’t have to break the bank to get a solid pair of stompers. These boots are well known for lasting a lifetime, offering great support, and breaking in quickly. 

4. The best boot for stepping out in style - Wolverine Rancher Boot

Wolverine Rancher Boots

The biggest problem with most work boots is that they’re pretty damn ugly. Though these boots might not be your cup of tea, you can’t deny that they’re a bit of fun. Wolverine is a brilliant brand for cheaper work boots, so if these don’t take your fancy, it’s still worth checking out the rest of their product range.

5. Lightweight daily drivers - Carhartt Michigan Rugged Flex 

Carhartt Michigan Rugged Flex

Wearing a stiff pair of super-heavy work boots every day is a hassle that no one should have to endure. For someone who works on their feet all day, you should have a pair of kicks that put a spring in your step rather than weighing you down. That’s where these breathable, lightweight boots from Carhartt come in — they’ll keep you comfortable all year round. The only downside? They’re not waterproof.

6. The software that’s as important as the shoes on your feet

Just like a great set of tools or a tough pair of boots, it’s worth investing in things that will help you stay prepared and productive. Tradify can do exactly that. It’s the app that helps tens of thousands of tradespeople to manage all aspects of their businesses, like handling invoices, managing enquiries, or sending quotes and estimates — it can even help you to create your own website in minutes

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