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Behind the Tools

Learn from the experts in the field as they discuss common issues and share insights into running a trade business. 


Tune in to hear Tradify CEO Michael Steckler explore life in the trades

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Digital Marketing & EVs With Jordan Farley

Jordan talks about YouTube yields, enthusiasm around EVs, and the curious case of the crazy cat cottage.

038_Sophie Maguire Pink Plumbing_Square

Exceeding Expectations With Sophie Maguire

Sophie talks about standing up to outdated ideas, exceeding expectations, and encouraging the younger generation to pick up the tools!


Apprentices & Mental Health With PB Plumber

Peter AKA PB Plumber talks about his approach to apprenticing, tool theft, and mental health.

Don't just take our word for it


“A very easy to use system, very detailed."

Lee Fisher Electrical
LC Fisher Electrical, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

“My business could not function without this software."

Darren Buntin Property maintenance
Limetree Properties, Lancaster, Lancashire

“Excellent platform - we moved from a similar program and Tradify was up and running in hours not days. Superb."

Mark Finch Electrical
Spectrum FM Limited, Wolverhampton, Wednesbury

“Our business literally doubled in the past two years and Tradify is a big part of that."

Brad Kuhlmey Construction
The Hamilton Group, London, England

“I’m loving Tradify. It’s helped me manage everything, and I mean everything. I don’t need any other software.”

Fabian Lewis Electrical
Sparks Plus, England, United Kingdom

“Great package which is backed up by great customer support."

Richard Morris Electrical
Sub Electrical Limited, Swansea, Wales

“Nowadays people don’t have time to wait for your reply. With Tradify, I can sort it out then and there, even if I’m on another job.”

Louis Williams Electrical
L-Ectrical, North Wales, Wales

“Lots of people have commented on how professional we are. That's all to do with Tradify.”

Philip Davis HVAC
Island HVAC systems, Nottingham, United Kingdom

“Forget your pen and paper, put all the paperwork away and go with Tradify!”

Helen Wakerley Electrical
Elecbuild Limited, Colchester, United Kingdom

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