How to attract top talent with a quality job posting.

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The trades shortage has thrown a spanner in the works when it comes to growth for most trades businesses around the world. With fewer and fewer people entering the trades, plus an aging workforce, businesses are struggling to find the manpower to expand their operations - let alone keep afloat. Hope is not lost though, as there are workers out there - you just have to be smarter than everyone else. So we’ve listed some tips on how you can make your job ad (and business) stand out from all the others. We’ve also put together a top example of a job posting, which you can download here.

Lead with an intriguing or funny headline

While ELECTRICIAN WANTED will do the job, it’s not going to turn many heads or get people excited about the role. Pushing the boat out just a little or a lot will do wonders. You can even use some aspect of the job that rings true to the experience level of staff you’re trying to hire, such as ELECTRICIAN WANTED who can’t stand crawling under houses, unlicensed idiots underbidding them, and paperwork.

Mention the salary

People love to be all hush hush when it comes to salary, but it’s one big elephant you can banish from the room before you even start. This is really just a courtesy thing. People invest a lot of time applying for jobs and you don’t want to waste their time - especially if they’re the cream of the crop. So be up front and reveal your whole hand, including incentives.

Let incentives be your baited hook

Incentives don’t have to all be money based; they essentially combine with the salary to make the role you’re offering super enticing. Golf days, no weekend or overtime work, vehicle use for life outside of work, spot thank yous, and gifts such as mag wheels, are all examples of how you can make the job  and your business irresistible.

Tell them a bit about your company and its values

Give your future employee a picture of what it’s like to work at your company, and how you operate. You want to hire people who have the same values and moral compass as you, so put it down in writing.

List exactly what level of experience you’re looking for

This will help you weed out the good from the bad. Mention both the essential and desirable industry-specific technical skills and certification they’ll need for the job.

Cover off what a typical day might look like

You can have fun here as well. Go through each of the various tasks the employee will be doing in a normal day, and include other things you have set up in your business as well, such as:

  • Taking on the boss at darts on your lunch break
  • Having a cold one with the team at the end of a big job
  • Nursing the bruises on your arm after a bit of team-building paintball action.

Career and leadership opportunities

It’s surprising how many businesses leave off this step because it’s so important for many aspiring tradespeople. You may have to step back and consider the business structure you’re working towards, as these roles might not exist in your company yet. But that shouldn’t stop you from saying that’s where you could see their career heading.

So there’s a solid list of what you should include in your job posting. If you’re in the process of hiring or you think you may need to hire in the near future, check out our ultimate hiring guide here.