Secrets Only TWAGs (Tradie Wives and Girlfriends) Will Know

by Rob Mark, June 6, 2016

While the blokes may be out there in the field, there’s no denying that their lovely ladies play a key role in making independently owned trades and construction businesses tick. Of course, if you are a hard helmet-clad woman don’t take offence.

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We’re all about the rise of the ‘lady tradie’ and how they’re challenging Australia’s gender gap. But let’s face it, more often than not wives and girlfriends operate behind the scenes. And there’s no denying that they play a pivotal role in the growth of any trade business.

In fact, we think ladies deserve so much recognition that we’ve even come up with our own acronym for all you gorgeous girls out there. Forget Rebecca Judd, Kyly Clarke and Candice Warner. We’re taking off our hats to a new generation of women – TWAGS (TRADIE Wives and Girlfriends). Yep, we went there! 

Now, this clique knows a thing or two about getting down to business, and we’re talking about more than just whipping up a mean weeknight bolognese, Sunday morning brekkie or packed lunch for the kids. To honour all your hard work, we’ve come up with a list of insider secrets that we’re pretty sure will resonate with TWAGS across Australia and New Zealand. 

Tradies are hands down sexy

They may come home covered in dirt, dust and debris, but TWAGS know that tradies are the sexiest kind of man. Chatting to clients all day gives them a sense of humour, being in the field keeps them fit, and of course, they’re usually ultra-handy around the house. Not to mention, tradie salaries are pretty damn enviable. So much so that Business Insider had even compiled a 2016 Tradie ‘Rich List’ that puts Perth plumbers at earning $87.67 an hour. Talk about eligible… 

Cash flow is critical

While your man may be a mastermind with his tools, a host of TWAGS find themselves eternally frustrated when it comes to the admin side of things. Whether you make subtle suggestions or take the reins entirely, keeping cash flow in check is a job that wives and girlfriends tend to master. Getting on to XERO early is essential, as is enlisting the help of a killer bookkeeper and accountant.

You’re social media savvy

The statistics don’t lie, with Pew Research Centre recently reporting that women are more likely to use Facebook than men by about 11 percentage points. Ladies, you’re officially addicts! In-between posting personal snapshots of midweek epic meals, Saturday night antics and Sunday morning yoga classes, plenty of TWAGS will have taken the lead when it comes to setting up and maintaining social media accounts for their tradie partners. If you haven't, check this link to help get their Facebook page underway.

Your man’s a little ambitious when it comes to DIY

A Jack of all trades is a bit of a rarity, and all too often TWAGS find themselves living in the midst of DIY disasters. Just because your man’s mastered the art of roof tiling, it doesn’t mean he can rewire the whole house, unblock the stubborn toilet, rebuild the garden wall or paint the front door. Or does it?

Getting down with the latest technology is critical

Pipes, wires, bricks, tiles and concrete are tangible materials at play, but TWAGS also know the value of staying up to the minute with the latest trades specific technology. Any tech-savvy TWAG will know that if she wants to help her man grow his business, intelligent job management software like Tradify is essential. Best of all, a host of time-saving scheduling, tracking and invoicing features means tradies have more time to spoil their ladies.

Tradies are often terrible at bringing their work home

Married to a sparkie yet live in a house with a handful of faulty lightbulbs, a dodgy air-conditioner and a dishwasher that constantly trips the power? Unfortunately for TWAGS, tradies can be pretty slack when it comes to bringing their work home. And who can blame em’?

Sleep ins are non-existent

If you’re not an early bird, you’ll soon learn to love it. Or at the very least, endure it. What’s that?

The sound of an alarm blaring at 5am in the morning? Madness! Tradies rise and shine with the sun, which means you can forget lazy mornings spent snuggling in bed. On the upside, days generally finish at around 3pm which means plenty of time for afternoon delights… 

Family and friends hit you up

“Oh, your partner’s a [insert relevant trade]? That’s awesome! Is there any chance…” If you haven’t heard this phrase, you soon will! Sound familiar? For TWAGs, these little quirks are just part of day to day life as the other half of a tradie. 

While we can't help you dodge the friends and family hit up we can help you help your man spend more time at home while getting his cash flow sorted. Look up Tradify to find out how our software helps tradesmen around the world manage their business and get in touch if you would like to know more.