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K&H Electrical Services Acing Time Management

By Tradify Team September 20, 2021
Adam Bear takes being busy to a whole new level. For the past 15 years, he’s made his living as a..
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Carpenter vs Electrician - Which Trade Is Best For You?

By Tradify Team August 26, 2021
You wouldn’t expect tradespeople to get up-in-arms about much – they’re typically pretty relaxed..
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Electrician vs Electrical Engineer - What’s the Difference?

By Tradify Team August 19, 2021
Ever since the invention of the humble lightbulb in the late 1800s, our dependency on electricity..
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No More Tiresome Paperwork for Kits-N-Bits Team

By Tradify Team July 30, 2021
Since before he can remember, Nick Millar has been an avid car lover. Any free time in his..
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Quicker Quotes From Matt Hill Electrical Services

By Tradify Team July 13, 2021
Matt Hill is a veteran sparkie – he’s been in the business for more than 20 years. For most of that..
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Lightning Comms Now Running at Light Speed

By Tradify Team July 6, 2021
Growing up in sunny Hawkes Bay, Sam Watson spent many summer days watching his father run the local..
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Miles Astley Takes Electrical Business to New Heights

By Tradify Team June 9, 2021
Miles Astley is close to celebrating his 40th year as an electrician – and he’s had one heck of a..
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OLEV (OZEV) Grant Information for UK Electricians

By Tradify Team June 1, 2021
The UK’s electric car market is booming. Learn about the Office of Low-Emission Vehicles (OLEV),..
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Tidy Timesheets for the Iluminar Electrical Crew

By Tradify Team May 26, 2021
Tomas finds the positive to his admin negative In 2013, MEA member Tomas Claps officially opened..
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AEE Yorkshire Back on Track With Automated Systems

By Tradify Team April 22, 2021
From Side Hustle to Full-Time Gig Jason Armitage is a busy man. He owns and runs multiple clubs and..
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A Spark's Guide to the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

By Tradify Team April 18, 2021
A huge percentage of people who reside in the UK don’t own the property they live in. With house..
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Best Apps for Electricians - 12 Software Solutions for Sparkies

By Tradify Team April 8, 2021
Whether you need to create an invoice, complete a certificate, or use an electrical calculator,..
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