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Best Apps for Electricians - 12 Software Solutions for Sparkies

By Tradify Team April 8, 2021
Whether you need to create an invoice, complete a certificate, or use an electrical calculator,..
Electricians Tips & Tricks Business Tools

Seamless scheduling for Scoreboard Enterprises

By Tradify Team April 7, 2021
Transition from paper to digital helps small business reach maximum potential
Case Study United States

10 Tips to Keep Your Tools Safe from Theft

By Tradify Team April 2, 2021
There’s no way around it – you need your tools to do your job. The knock-on effect of tool theft..
Tips & Tricks

Quoting on the go a game-changer for ADF Roofing

By Tradify Team April 1, 2021
After 18 years in the game, Antonio De Freitas knows a thing or two about running a successful..
Roofers Case Study

KRP Electrical Adds Automation, Increases Efficiency

By Tradify Team March 29, 2021
Keith Rees-Murray has been in the electrical trade for over 30 years after finishing his..
Electricians United Kingdom Case Study

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation - What Every Electrician Needs to Know

By Tradify Team March 29, 2021
The electric vehicle (EV) market is booming – over 2000% by 2030, according to some Wall St..
Electricians Tips & Tricks

Essex County Electrical has never been more organised

By Tradify Team March 25, 2021
Tradify helps Grant keep tabs on over 200 jobs Grant Speller is no stranger to the life of a..
Electricians United Kingdom Case Study

How to Start a Landscaping Business - A Landscaper’s Guide to Going Out on Your Own

By Tradify Team March 23, 2021
There comes a point when many tradespeople consider going out on their own. You’ve done the hard..
How to Starting a new business Landscapers

No More Invoice Mistakes for DMS Plumbing

By Tradify Team March 21, 2021
For Darren Smithson, plumbing has always been the job of choice. After leaving school, he got an..
Plumbers Case Study south africa

Incentives for Employers to Hire Apprentices

By Tradify Team March 16, 2021
Tradespeople are the backbone of many economies around the world. As a result there is a continued..
Trades & Construction Training and certification Hiring apprentices

Small Business Sales Forecasting for Tradespeople

By Tradify Team March 15, 2021
At some point, as you’re setting up or running your trade business, you’ll likely come across the..
Tips for Small Business Finance

No-Nonsense Business Plan Guide for Contractors and Tradespeople

By Tradify Team March 15, 2021
Want to run a trade business? You need a plan! A successful contracting or trade business is based..
Starting a new business Tips for Small Business Business Tools