12 Best Apps For Construction Project Management and Small Businesses

by Team Tradify, December 15, 2022

If you work in construction, you’ll know that every project involves countless moving parts: start and finish dates, project status, expense tracking, staff, and payroll. As a result, many construction companies use project management software to ensure projects meet promised deadlines, work within budget, and stay within scope. These tools help streamline the coordination of people, materials, and equipment to meet client expectations, manage costs, and maximise profits

The best option for your construction business depends on two factors: 

  • The size of your team 
  • The complexity of your projects

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve put together this best apps list. Most of these construction project and scheduling software apps have free trials. 

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1. Construction project software for contractors and subcontractors


Assignar is a cloud-based construction management solution for self-employed general contractors and subcontractors. Assignar helps keep projects on time and within budget by connecting your work in the field to your office.

  • Fill out and submit timesheets and forms and send them directly to your accounting software. 
  • Slice and dice field data in various ways for in-depth insights into your operations. 
  • Get notification of renewal dates for necessary documentation, like licenses and certificates. 


Planyard is a construction accounting and subcontractor management tool that helps simplify job costing and project cost control for construction contractors.

Here’s how: 

  • Standardise business processes, from bidding to contract management, to meet compliance obligations.
  • Give all project stakeholders a real-time overview of project costs and profitability projections. 


Buildertrend is used primarily for home building, remodelling, and speciality contracting but also works well for commercial projects. Drag-and-drop functionality provides a centralised hub for your team and clients to access and update projects anytime, anywhere. 

Project management tools include:

  • Daily logs
  • Change orders
  • Schedules and selections
  • Time clocks and to-dos
  • Warranty

Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro is another good option for builders, remodelers, interior designers, architects, and speciality contractors. Its project management software helps you run profitable projects while building your brand and delivering excellent customer service, all from one platform. 

Features include:

  • Schedule and follow up meetings, and convert leads into new projects.
  • Create accurate estimates and bids quickly using local material and cost libraries.
  • Smart project management tools like visual timelines

2. Construction project software for small businesses


RedTeam is a web-based project management solution with features suitable for contractors and small construction firms. Its mobile app, FieldShare, lets contractors and subcontractors update job progress, add photos, and find project information remotely from the job site. Additionally, it has tools to help:

  • Build and manage budgets
  • Create RFQs and develop estimates
  • Generate bids 
  • Handle change orders and manage contracts. 


Smartsheet is a highly regarded tool for project management across various fields and industries, including construction. The reason it’s so popular is its pre-built templates and custom solutions for preconstruction, safety management, field operations, resource management, quality control, and reporting. 

You can also:

  • Brainstorm project requirements and track initial cost estimates in one sheet. 
  • Centralise project requirements and attach important documentation. 
  • Access dashboards and portals to highlight specific key visual information. 


Procore offers software that simplifies work, from tendering to closing out, by connecting your teams and project info so you can make better decisions faster. Take control of construction outcomes, minimise risk, and protect profits with these features:

  • Use historical data to make better financial estimates.
  • Drill down into the performance of individual projects. 
  • Access aggregated data of all your projects.

3. Construction project software for large enterprises

Sage 300 CRE

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly known as Timberline) offers an integrated suite of accounting and business operation tools for managing large-scale construction projects. It’s a modular solution, so you can add more functionality when needed. Overall, this flexible and powerful construction project management software can help you improve efficiency and profitability across all levels of your business and every aspect of your projects. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects your workflows, teams, and data at every stage of a construction project, so you deliver on time and within budget. Get projects started faster with an automated submittal log, and assign responsibilities for each step of the RFI process to create accountability. 


InEight construction software gives you control of every phase of the capital project life cycle and the data to make better business decisions. The software provides real-time information that helps enterprise-level owners, contractors, and engineers minimise risk, control costs, and improve operational efficiency. 

MYOB Advanced Construction (for NZ and AU)

MYOB Advanced Construction is cloud-based software designed to help large enterprises manage budgets, projects, and contracts efficiently on any device. You’ll be able to:

  • Proactively identify problem areas in current jobs. 
  • Accurately estimate future projects.
  • Increase collaboration across teams. 
  • Streamline time-intensive processes to avoid delayed projects.

4. Best task management app for trade businesses

Tradify is a job management app used by tens of thousands of tradespeople building better lives and businesses worldwide. It’s designed to help you save time on enquiries, quoting, scheduling, job tracking, invoicing, payments, and managing subcontractors — all the features you need to manage and grow a successful trade business. 

A long list of benefits:

  • Quoting and estimating - create quotes and estimates quickly from any device—on-site, on the go, on the couch, or in the office.
  • Invoicing - create professional-looking custom invoices quickly so you can get paid faster.
  • Scheduling - get a real-time view of project schedules, active jobs, and the locations of staff or subcontractors for real-time collaboration.
  • Job tracking - keep track of time spent on jobs, organise work, and create individual tasks for your staff or subcontractors. Make team collaboration easier than ever before.
  • Timesheets - create and submit digital timesheets, and use the live job timer to record hours and track time.
  • Enquiries - respond to enquiries wherever you are and whenever you like.
  • Automated payment reminders - automatically send follow-up emails for unpaid invoices and get paid faster.
  • Subcontractor management - connect with subcontractors, organise jobs, and send or receive important job information.
  • Creating an Instant Website - create a custom website tailored for your business and potential customers.

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