Gifts for an Apprentice Carpenter

by Team Tradify, December 11, 2023

Recognising the dedication of an apprentice carpenter is important, especially during special occasions or the festive season. The right gift can be more than just a token of appreciation; it can be a way to show them how to be a good carpenter, a nod to their aspirations, or simply a way to bring a smile to their day. The best gifts will reflect your knowledge of them, their style and their interests, whether it’s a practical tool or something that celebrates their choice of trade.

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  1. Tools
  2. Books
  3. Posters and signs
  4. Tool storage
  5. Slogan t-shirt

1. Tools

Have you noticed the apprentice in your life seems to forget or misplace some of their tools? A gift of spare tools could save you both a headache down the line, plus give them extra incentive to keep an eye on their whereabouts. Having spare tools is also good practice for the most fastidious of carpenter apprentices. Our top tool pick for apprentice carpenters is these mini bar clamps from Irwin. These clamps stand out for their excellent quality, plus they're available for international shipping at a reasonable price. 

Our pick: IRWIN QUICK-GRIP One-Handed Mini Bar Clamp 4 Pack


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2. Books 

A key part of an apprentice’s training is developing an idea of the type of carpenter they wish to be. While much of the expertise in carpentry is gained through hands-on experience, books are reliable reference points that offer guidance and wisdom that an apprentice can refer to throughout their career. Norm Abram’s book, Measure Twice, Cut Once: Lessons from a Master Carpenter, covers how to choose and use the ‘meat and potatoes tools’ that every great carpenter must master. 

Our pick: Measure Twice, Cut Once: Lessons from a Master Carpenter


3. Posters and signs

Add a touch of inspiration to your apprentice carpenter's space with a well-chosen poster. It’s an affordable, fun way to celebrate their passion for carpentry, plus a chance to reflect their personality, style and interests. Posters, ranging from vintage tin signs to framed prints, not only decorate their space but also motivate and remind them of the carpentry skills they're mastering. Our top pick is the GrandeDuc Carpentry Vintage Patent Poster, a piece that pays homage to carpentry's history.

Our pick: GrandeDuc Carpentry Vintage Patient Poster


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4. Tool storage 

Carpenters gather a fair few tools throughout their apprenticeship. Offering them an easy way to store their tools and keep them organised is a gift that will keep on giving. Carhartt’s medium tool bag is a great way to introduce apprentice carpenters to the benefits of clear organisation. Not only does it provide a practical solution for tool management, but it also helps to instil a sense of professionalism and pride in their craft. 

Our pick: Carhartt - Medium Brown Tool Bag



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5. Slogan t-shirt 

Slogan t-shirts are a fun way to reinforce apprentice carpenters' identity as emerging professionals. They’re a subtle yet powerful way of reinforcing their identity as carpenters and reminding them of the community and tradition they are part of, making them ideal for apprentices who take pride in their evolving skills.

Our pick: Chummy Tees “I can build that” t-shirt


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