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by Team Tradify, May 20, 2022

Alongside your other power tools, a website will be your strongest asset when it comes to growing your electrical business. It’s where customers go to find out more about you and your services, and most importantly, it’s probably how they’ll contact you.

Nowadays, there’s no need to hardwire your website from scratch. With Tradify’s Instant Website, it couldn’t be simpler to get yourself online. Follow our 10 easy website-building steps and you’ll be reaping digital rewards in no time. 

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  1. Get set up with Tradify's Instant Website
  2. Bring your website vision to life
  3. Purchase your domain name
  4. Create a sparky logo
  5. Craft high-voltage copy
  6. Aim to be top of Google's list
  7. Reap the benefits of Google Business
  8. Look great on every device
  9. New enquiries linked to Tradify
  10. The power of reviews

1. Get set up with Tradify’s Instant Website

Gone are the days when building a website took months of writing code. Instead, website-building platforms offer a fast and simple way to create a professional website in just a few clicks. For an electrical business, you can’t go past Tradify’s Instant Website. Not only is it specifically tailored to trade business owners, but it also connects to your Tradify account, enabling you to manage your whole business from one place. 

2. Bring your vision to life

Website templates for electricians

Tradify’s Instant Website is designed especially for trade businesses, with pre-designed templates that have everything your electrician website will need. All you have to do is personalise it by adding unique icons/logos, five-star testimonials, and good photography.

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Showcase your best work

Even though a newly-minted switchboard is a beautiful thing, prospective customers visiting your website want to see who you are and the type of services you provide. Great photography will make a big impact and is the best way to showcase your work and put a face to the name. 

To get started, check out our guide to taking good work photos.

Get help and support

Tradify’s Instant Website provides on-site tutorials and a help page to walk you through anything you may get stuck on.

3. Purchase your domain name

A domain name is your website’s official address on the internet. In other words, it’s what your customers will type into the search bar when they need to find you. 

  • If your business name is ‘Voltage Masters’, ideally you want your domain name to match. For example, ‘’.
  • If your first choice has been taken, try adding an abbreviation like your location. For example, or 

Once you’ve purchased a domain name, you’ll own the domain for a certain period (you’ll probably need to renew it annually) and you’ll need to register it with a domain hosting service. If you don’t have a custom domain, we can host your Instant Website on our subdomain for free.

tradie in the forefront working on power switched attached to wall and another tradie at the back on a ladder looking at the ceiling

4. Create a sparky logo

Your website will need a unique logo so customers can recognise your business online and offline. If you don’t already have one, you can either:

  • Ask a local designer to whip one up
  • Buy a customised logo online and get it emailed to you instantly with Canva.

Once you have a killer logo, Tradify makes it super-easy to add it to your Instant Website.

5. Craft high-voltage copy

You want your copy to be short, sharp and electric. It needs to resonate with your target audience and tell them what they need to know – quickly. Start by listing what you do (your services), your most frequently asked questions and why you started your electrical business. Then condense it as much as possible into short, easy-to-read sentences. 

6. Aim to be top of Google’s list

When people search online for electricians in their area, the most established businesses will usually pop up first. You can jump up this list by optimising your website for search engines. 

An easy way to do this is by adding links to the following:

Need help setting up a Facebook or Instagram page for your electrical business? Check out our article exploring social media ideas for electricians

7. Reap the benefits of Google Business

As well as optimising your website to rank higher on the search list, you also want to register your business with Google Business. It’s an easy way to share information about your business to prospective customers, like location and opening hours, and it helps them compare your Google ratings with your competitors. 

Getting your electrical business listed is simple. Follow our guide on how to set up Google Business for trade businesses

two tradies working together on small steel framing

8. Look great on every device

Ever tried looking up a website on your phone and the font’s too small or the formatting is all over the place? With more and more people using their phones rather than computers, it’s really important to make your website look great on any device. Luckily, with Tradify’s Instant Website, your website will be mobile-responsive by default. 

9. New enquiries linked to Tradify

Tradify’s Instant Website has the bonus of pulling job enquiries straight from your website into your job management software. It will also save you time by sending out automated email responses, so no opportunity is missed. 

Learn how an online enquiry form will streamline your admin.

10. The power of reviews

With Tradify’s Instant Website, you have the option of adding a ‘Reviews and Testimonials’ section, so your customers can read more about your work and customer service. 

Sharing reviews and testimonials is the best way to attract new customers. Check out our blog on how to get good reviews for your business and you’ll be away laughing.  

Long-lasting marketing that conserves energy

A good website allows your customers to find your services around the clock and get in contact when they need you. It builds a higher level of professionalism and trust in your brand, and demand for your services. The best part is that making a website is easier than ever with Tradify’s Instant Website.

Inspired to build your own electrician website? Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Tradify or pop over to one of our live demo webinars to see the trade business management app in action.

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Electrician Website FAQ

Why do electricians and other trade businesses need a website?

A website can be a very powerful tool for electrical businesses. You can easily reach new local customers, establish your business online, and provide information about your products and/or services.

What if I don't have time to create a website?

We know electricians don't have a lot of free time. That's exactly why we created Instant Website. With an existing Tradify subscription, you can simply pay an extra add-on fee and in just a few clicks create an Instant Website.

What are the key elements of an electrical business website?

A successful electrician website will be easy to use and understand. It will use clear language, real photos of your electrical work, and customer testimonials to build trust with new potential customers. Finally, it will give your website visitors a way to get in touch for work.

How much does it cost to create an electrical website?

Often a website can cost thousands, if not tens of thousands. With an existing Tradify subscription though, you can simply pay an extra add-on fee to create an Instant Website.

How can I make my electrical business website stand out?

Use real photos of your work, give detailed information about your products/services, and showcase your unique point of difference. Why should someone pick you over the competition? Show how you're more organised, faster, cheaper, higher quality, or easy to work with.

How can I make my business website show up on Google Search?

Optimising your website for Google is called SEO (search engine optimisation). You can find and hire an SEO professional online, or read our article on SEO for tradespeople: How To Get My Business on Google - 3-Step SEO for Trade Businesses.

How can I use marketing to attract traffic to my website?

There are a variety of digital marketing techniques to help drive traffic to your electrical website. You can find them all in our Free Marketing Plan for Tradespeople.