Job Management Software - How it Helps Your Trade Business

by Team Tradify, May 13, 2020

It’ll become your must-have tool

If you’re like most tradespeople, you didn’t go into business to be stuck at a desk. You’d much rather be on the job making money (or out on the water, catching fish), not spending hours managing admin. If you’re still using a manual system, you’ll be spending much of your day chasing people for timesheets and digging through paperwork.

It’s hard work, and things can start to fall through the cracks – you miss bookings, accidentally undercharge, and don’t get back to people fast enough. 

With job management software you can automate those manual, admin-heavy tasks, making your trade business more efficient and organised. Everything’s done in one placequoting, scheduling, time-tracking, etc. Imagine doing a quote in minutes, sending invoices with a single click, and never chasing up another timesheet! You’ll say goodbye to admin headaches, and hello again to your nights and weekends. 

That’s what David of Kennett Electrics found when he implemented Tradify. 

“For a large quote, I’d type each line into a spreadsheet and add it to the quote, then print, scan and email. For four or five quotes a day, that takes up a lot of time. Most of that info is now in Tradify. I can put together a full free wire quote for a new house in 25 minutes”. 

Tradify customer Kennett Electrics standing outside work van

Here are a few more reasons why job management software could be the best new tool for your trade business.

With Tradify you’ll create happier, more productive staff, make more money and spend more time doing what you love:

  • Say hello to your nights again: All that admin that’s crept in since you took on that first staff member? Gone
  • Add to your team without adding to your workload: You’ll be set up to grow your team – without being chained to a desk.
  • Grow your bottom line: When your team can do their timesheets and job notes on the go it means more time on the tools and more money in your pocket.
  • Keep and attract the best staff: Happy staff stay longer and recommend you to their mates when you’re looking for more people. Making admin seamless – that’s a shortcut to a happy team of tradesmen.  

Nick Foley from NDF Electrical says, “I’ve had all bar one employee with me from the start. We actually absorbed another business and the new guys couldn’t believe how much easier it was with us – because there is a job management tool in place to manage things, keep things on track and show you where things are.” 

Get organised

When you first started your trade business, running everything on bits of paper probably worked ok, but as you get busier, it becomes increasingly hard to manage. Quotes aren’t sent out fast enough, and you might even forget what you needed to quote on at all. You spend your evenings tidying paperwork, putting job orders together, chasing timesheets – and still end up missing things. 

With job management software you’ll have:

  • Everything in one place. No need for paper copies, no risk of things getting lost. You could even quote while you’re on-site. When jobs are booked in you can find them easily – no need to search for those scraps of paper.

  • Reduced double entry. You enter job information once and it flows through to make your next tasks easier. 

Nick Foley from NDF Electrical says that even with a growing business, having everything in Tradify means he still has lots of time for his family.

“I have mates who run their own trade businesses, and they want to know how I can run my own electrical business and still spend time with my family. They’re always asking me, ‘Why aren’t you doing this at night?’ Well, I don’t need to, I’m doing it all during the day.”

Get paid faster

Lots of trade businesses have cash-flow issues because they’re not getting invoices out fast enough. If you have to wait until the end of the week to gather up all the job info from the dash of your van and get timesheets from your team, you’re already on the back foot. Then you still have to key that information in manually. 

With a job management system in place you can:

  • Invoice immediately. You can fill out all of the job details on-site, so any changes are updated immediately. You can often invoice there and then, as soon as the job’s done, or if you need to head back to the office, it’ll take just a few clicks to get the invoice sent. 
  • Let the system chase clients for payment. Sending invoices through the system means you can see if clients have opened them or not. Better yet, you’ll be able to set automated payment reminder emails to chase customers who haven’t paid their invoice. 

  • Offer customers a contactless payment option. Provide customers with the choice to pay their invoices via a secure online payment platform. No need for physical interaction, just submit the invoice and watch the system get to work.  

“Customers get invoices straight away – well, that’s because I want to get paid straight away!” laughs Nick Foley from NDF Electrical.

Stop losing money on jobs

When you’re using a manual system, it’s so easy to miss recording hours or materials. That means you’re almost certainly leaving money on the table – drop a few fittings or a couple of hours off an invoice, and your profit margin is gone.

Even if you have good records of what you’ve spent, it might not be obvious which items and time records go with which jobs. You won’t have a clear picture of which jobs are making (or losing!) you money, or if you’re quoting your jobs at the right rate.

Calculate Your Charge-Out Rate

Eddy Kendall of Kendall Electrical knew he was probably losing money. 

“I wouldn’t have a number on how much profit I was making. I’d go out to these little jobs without writing them down. I could have lost money from not including stock on invoices.”

Tradify customer Kendall Electrical Standing in front of work van

Keep a digital record 

When it’s invoicing time, or if a customer has a complaint or a question about a job, tracking down paper job notes from your team can be a real time-suck. With Tradify, your team can easily add notes and photos to every job, so you always have a digital record to refer to. You can see if jobs have been completed to standard, any additional parts used and if there were any issues. 

“I can check the notes and add anything, instead of running around clarifying things – and it helps us justify extra charges really easily,” says Johnathan Clarke, managing partner of Watts Up Electrical.

“If you’re doing things manually, you have to go back through emails, and get dates, and look at what everyone’s bought, and the time they’ve spent. It’s so time-consuming and draining that sometimes you just say, ‘screw it’, invoice blind and hope that you’ve allowed for everything.”

By recording everything in your job management system you’ll:

  • Know which jobs make you money. You’ll get an analysis of all costs, so you have a clear idea of what you’re making on each job. 
  • Create more accurate quotes. The system can give you real-time profit and loss info, so when you’re quoting next, you know you’re charging enough.  
  • Never miss invoicing for time or materials. They’re recorded against a job immediately and are included in the invoice automatically. 

Make timesheet problems go away 

Timesheets are critical for payroll and invoicing, but nearly always a sticking point for your tradies. Tradify makes it simple for you both – your team can update their time from their mobiles or tablets, and then you have that info sitting right there. This also means you can keep a closer eye on what your team is actually doing. 

Get better at managing your team

If you manage a team, you’re probably spending too much time on the phone organising their days. It’s also hard to effectively keep track of what they’re doing all day, or how a job site is progressing.

Nick knows Tradify has made adding (and keeping) team members far easier. 

“Tradify has made us a lot more scalable. 100%. I’ve also had all bar one employee with me from the start. We actually absorbed another business and the new guys couldn’t believe how much easier it was with us – because there is a job management tool in place to manage things, keep things on track and show you where things are,” he explains.

Better Toolbox meetings and fewer phone calls 

With Tradify, your team members jump in the van already knowing where they’re going and what they’ll need for the job – no need to ring you multiple times a day or meet at the yard first thing. How? Because it’s right there in the app. When a new job comes in, it’s fast and easy to enter all the details into the app, assign a team member, and schedule it in. 

James Brunton from JJ Electrical says Tradify ensures his team knows where they’re going every day, and that they have all the info they need – no more printing or delivering folders to sites.

“I don’t get a phone call on Monday morning – everyone knows where they’re going. I’m spending less time messing around on sites and taking phone calls. It makes my life easier,”  he says. “It’s hard to put a figure on how much time Tradify saves, but it’s probably as much as a day a week.”

Eliminate downtime, mistakes and do-overs

For trade businesses, time literally is money. Tradify makes it easy to plan your team’s days – or even better, let them do it themselves – to minimise travel time. With all the job information at their fingertips, they’re also far more likely to have all the materials and tools they need and complete the job to spec.

For larger jobs, tasks on Tradify’s checklists can be assigned to different people, so you know every detail will get sorted.

See where your staff are, at a glance 

Once installed on your tradies’ phones or tablets, Tradify pings their location to you. That comes in really handy if you get an urgent job request and need to assign it to the closest person, or when clients want to know when their jobs will start. 

Using the GPS feature helped NDF Electrical deliver better customer service.

“I can see where my guys are. It also keeps people accountable with time and stock and everything else,” says Nick.

Speed up communication 

When something changes, instead of ringing around everyone working on a job, simply add team members to a note, and they’ll be notified. That keeps all your updates sitting against the relevant job and means everyone knows what’s going on.

Ben Dawes Plumbing loves how Tradify makes communicating with the team super fast and easy. 

“We would have changes pop up throughout the day, which meant we had to shuffle jobs for the arvo. It would require a series of phone calls and text messages to update the schedule, and every now and then that system would break down."

"We would turn up to jobs that we couldn’t complete, make a few calls, and then have to drive back to the new job, wasting time and losing money. With Tradify, we can just update the system, it syncs and everyone knows what job’s next and we can change that anytime without any dramas,” says Ben. 

Make managing sub-contractors simple

Adding subcontractors to the team? That’s easy too – just schedule them in and Tradify will email them all the details.

“I create a job, schedule it and assign it, and email any subcontractors, too. And that’s it,” says James from JJ Electrical.

Pain-free team management 

Managing staff doesn’t have to be as painful as you think. With the right job management system in place, you’ll eliminate issues around extra paperwork, timesheets, communication and scheduling, so you can grow your business, not your workload.  

Adapt to new ways of working

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the way in which tradespeople and trade businesses carry out their work. Job management software can help your business adapt quickly and efficiently to new working requirements and conditions.  

  • Sort & stay on top of your schedule. Ongoing changes to government alert systems mean your work schedule is more volatile than ever. Job management software can help you quickly communicate any disruptions to your schedule to both staff and customers.
  • Ensure safety on site. Increased health & safety policies are on everyone’s minds as we try to suppress COVID-19. Keeping your staff and customers safe is more critical than ever. Job management software can help you communicate the steps you are taking to protect your customers, and ensure that safety requirements are viewed frequently and checked off each day by your team.
  • Increased customer communications. Current physical distancing measures increase the need for communication with customers. Job management software can help with this by letting your customers know your latest status via SMS. Enhance your communication channels and give your customers peace of mind.
  • Conquer contact tracing. Place contact tracing requirements at the back of your mind with job management software. By recording accurate timesheets and using a scheduler you’ll be able to press a button and produce a Contact Tracing Report for health authorities. Providing them with everything they need to know (if necessary).

Tradify Contact Tracing Report on Web App

Get your life back

Do yourself a favour and implement a job management system like Tradify. Your admin will run like a well-oiled machine and the whole team will know what they’re doing before they get out of bed. You’ll save yourself time, stress and paper, and improve your bottom line with fast, accurate quoting and invoicing.

The only thing left to worry about is what you’ll do with all that free time. 

Want to know more? 

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