The Top 5 Things Trade Business Owners Want More Control Over

by Team Tradify, February 24, 2021

What Trade Businesses want more control over

Tips to improve your business processes

According to our recent Tradify Pulse Survey, Trade business owners are spending an average of over 18 hours on admin every week with quoting, invoicing, and scheduling taking up the most time. That leaves a lot of room for improvement.

One of the biggest issues tradespeople face is getting on top of their admin. When we asked more than 600 survey participants what their biggest priority for 2022 was, operating efficiently was the most common response.

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Here are the five admin tasks trade business owners want more control over. We've also included tips on how, with a few small improvements, you can increase the overall efficiency of your business.

  1. Managing jobs efficiently
  2. Getting invoices out on time
  3. Finding new work
  4. Financial tracking
  5. Getting quotes out on time

1. Managing jobs efficiently

Most trades business owners are confidently managing their workload, but as your business grows and you take on more jobs and staff, a manual system can quickly lead to things falling through the cracks. Our report showed that admin time more than doubles after you employ your first staff member.

With an average of 18.1 hours spent on admin per week, it's clear that something needs to change with how most tradies are managing their jobs. That’s a lot of time that could be spent making money on a job instead of rifling through stacks of paper. Using the right technology can cut this time down, helping your business run much more efficiently.

Job management software can help you automate admin-heavy processes, allowing you to keep track of your jobs from one central place as well as simplifying team management.

“You can keep a track of things – anything you’ve said to people, the things you’ve used, hours. If you’re doing lots in a day, it’s really good being able to schedule it in and see it all,” says Australian electrician Kiah Frederiks from Connect 2 Electrical Solutions.



2. Getting invoices out on time

One of the best ways to ensure cash is flowing efficiently in your business is to invoice as soon as possible. Waiting to tidy up your paperwork when you’re back in the office slows the process down big-time and so does chasing timesheets and deciphering notes on pocket paper.  

Australian Plumber Patrick Reid wasn’t just missing time and materials from his invoices – he was forgetting to invoice whole jobs!

“Tradify has made invoicing so much easier – it’s a seamless, easy process,” he says. 

The faster you invoice, the quicker you get paid. With the right system, you can invoice as soon as you’ve finished a job, while still on-site. Also, a system that records working hours and costs of materials makes invoicing easier – and helps you avoid leaving money on the table.

3. Finding new work

Although the majority of tradespeople surveyed know marketing and sales are an inevitable part of running a trade business, it’s by no means their favourite task. In fact, our Pulse Report found that almost 35% of trade business owners aren't doing anything to promote their business. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective forms of marketing, but having an online presence is also essential. 

Do you sometimes feel like you spend half of your day on your mobile? Well, so do your customers — the average amount of time someone spends on their phone per day is around 5 hours. This doesn’t mean you need to be a digital marketing whiz to get new clients, but it does mean you need to make sure people can find you online.

Look into promoting your business on these platforms:

For more tips and tricks on marketing your trades business, download our marketing toolkit.

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4. Knowing how you’re doing financially

To keep your business on track, understanding your current financial position is key. 

When you have a clear picture of the cash moving in and out of your business, it’s easier to predict what your business will look like in the future. There might be a month where you need to focus on acquiring new jobs, bring on a new team member, or reassess your expenses. 

Knowing how they’re doing financially is something tradespeople want more control over, especially those in the UK and NZ. 

Looking to get a better handle on your cash flow? Use our cash flow template to get started.

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5. Getting quotes out on time

A huge priority for trades business owners around the world is getting quotes out on time. For the survey participants, this is the one admin task they unanimously agreed that they wanted more control over – and for good reason. Getting quotes out quickly will give you a leg up on your competition and directly boost your job win rate.

You need a system that allows you to rapidly process enquiries, pull in materials, labour and other costs, and hit send – ideally from your phone while you’re still on the worksite. 

For Craig Gifford, it’s one of the most significant improvements he’s seen since using job management software. What used to take him hours, now takes him a matter of minutes. 

“I used to spend so much time…only to provide a pretty generic quote." Says Craig from Gifford's Electrical, "Now, they’re custom for each client, more detailed, and I can send them straight to the client.”


What are you doing to reduce admin?

For trades businesses wanting to be more efficient and ready to handle whatever comes their way, slashing admin time is the best place to start. Too much time spent on paperwork is money down the drain, so even the simplest changes can help you significantly improve the efficiency of your business and give you back time to spend on the tools or doing something you really want to!  

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