6 Reasons it Better to Be a Builder than a Desk Jockey

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In the middle of winter things like freezing winds, rain drops down the back of the hoodie and constantly demisting the windscreen can make it easy to forget how good it is to be a Tradie.


But to help beat those winter blues we’ve come up with six reasons why being a builder is hands down better than sitting at a desk day in, day out.




Join the ‘rich list’

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again - life as a tradie can be pretty damn lucrative. ServiceSeeking reports that some Aussie Builders (as well a plumbers and electricians) now charge more than the average lawyer, and in our books spinning tools definitely trumps being locked up in an office all day. Especially if you’re getting paid more to do it.  


Catch more fish

Builders love early starts! Every grumpy neighbour will tell you all builders love nothing more than cranking the drop saw at 7am, 5 days a week. Yes, getting up at the crack of dawn isn’t the most appealing prospect, but ultimately it means that knock off times leave a chunk of the afternoons for fun and games.


Great for getting to touch footy on time or out for a twilight fish while everyone else is stuck at their desk.


Score more dates

The whole ‘down to earth,’ ‘good with the hands’ and ‘rough around the edges’ combination clearly works wonders for tradies, with a poll from RSVP revealing that 93% of female members would make eyes at a tradie.


The ladies maintain that tradies are “more relaxed and fun than men in stuffy suits,” with RSVP's customer support director Lija Jarvis testifying that “Clearly, it's sexier to know how to fix a tap or change a tyre.”


“Australian women want real men, guys with a sense of humour, an outdoorsy attitude and a man who is prouder of his tools, not his tie collection,” she adds.


Sorry ladies, there’s no data proving that female tradies get gents all fired up, but we’re pretty sure we don’t need statistics to prove this particular point.


Here’s three reasons you might not have considered;


Stay active

While office workers sit on their backsides for most of the day, Builders get out there and work the site. Even less labour intensive trades jobs are markedly more active than nine to five gigs, which makes it easier to rack up the 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity, as recommended by the Department of Human Services.


You might not have noticed but keeping in shape while you work saves on gym membership and actually makes all those everyday activities you get up to in the weekend 10 times easier.


Whether it's a game of footy, a dive or a quick surf, being on the tools all day gives you a massive advantage over the desk jockey.


Shun the suit

As far as we’re concerned, suits should be saved for weddings, race days and special events. And that’s pretty much it. Seriously, why corporate high flyers continue to insist on suiting up in the height of summer never fails to baffle us.


As a Builder, it’s all about practicality, safety and comfort. Fluoro might not make it to the cover of GQ, but there’s plenty of other things we’d rather spend our cash on than corporate gear to impress the C-suite.


You get a Vitamin D fix

Offices are all about fluorescent lights and glass windows, which makes for a pretty claustrophobic working day. In comparison, Builders get out there and work under the sun for most of the day.


This means it’s easy to get a much needed vitamin D fix that helps the body absorb calcium and promote bone grow. Don’t forget to slap on sunscreen though, as skin cancer’s a very real risk.


Desk job? No thanks. We’ll take tools over ties any day of the week.


Got any more reasons why Builders run circles around nine to five office gigs? Share them with us in the comments section below.