5 Simple Things Customers Look For In An Electrician

by Rob Mark, May 1, 2016

While you might think you currently run a shockingly good electrical business, have you ever considered what your potential customers look for when choosing an electrician and how you measure up against that criteria? Just in case you haven’t here are 5 things prospective customers will look for:

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Positive referrals

9 times out of 10 the customer probably doesn’t have the luxury of searching online or through the Yellow Pages (yeah right!) so unless the potential customer is a nigel no mates the first thing they are likely to do is phone a friend.


If the recommendation from the friend is a positive one they aren’t likely to ring anyone else you’ll acquire a new customer, potentially for life, for no additional effort or cost. Pat yourself on the back or pour yourself a pint (after hours of course).


Positive referrals or word of mouth marketing have an incredibly powerful influence on a person’s selection process so for this reason alone, treat every customer like they are your most favoured, even if it tastes like sucking lemons. You never know how wide or valuable this person’s network will be.


A good online presence

If the customer does have time for a bit of research then their first point of call will be the internet (unless they are a dinosaur – then they will ring one of their kids and they will get on the internet).


So for this reason it’s a good idea to look into your social media presence and make sure potential customers can find your business and not some photo of you at 4am with a kebab in one hand and a fairy wand in the other.


Even better, make sure prospects can find some positive reviews about your service via either your Facebook page or website and make sure you have answered any online questions quickly and politely.


Many customers are savvy enough to check out online profiles before deciding on which electrician to call and your online presence, be it in a blog, a website, or on Facebook, will have a big impact on who they choose to contact.


Master Electricians Membership

When you consider the countless horror stories of families who have had shoddy work done by shoddy tradies you can understand why potential customers pay close attention to membership, guarantees and qualifications.


Unless they need some electrical work done in their meth house most potential customers are going to prefer electricians whose safety systems are accredited and monitored, who provide a workmanship guarantee, are reliable and provide excellent service.


They have a pretty good promo on offer right now. Find out more about the membership and the offer here.


Good Communication Skills

When or if customers do call you they might ask some tough questions (i.e. how long have you been in business, do you have insurance, what was the name of your first pet and the date of your wedding anniversary).


If you are good at your job and have experience to offer you should be able to answer all of their questions confidently. An electrician who is hesitant about answering any questions is either inexperienced or not up to the job in the eyes of the customer. They are also likely to ask for references (particularly for big jobs) so you should have a pre qualified list of references ready to.



Finally, if you have done enough to be asked to visit the site and/or provide a quote you need to present yourself in the most professional manner possible. This is where job management software such as Tradify is crucial. There are some basic things customers will look for such as a professional looking quote that clearly states what will be done, when and how much it will cost.


A hand written quote is no longer acceptable for most prospects. If you manage to win the job, job management software such as Tradify will help you stick to a schedule, track time and materials, invoice on time and measure profitability.



Finding and Keeping a Good Electrician

There is universal truth that once you find a good tradie you never let them go and electricians are no exception.  So follow these steps and soon enough you’ll have more customers than you’ve had hot feeds.

- See more at: https://tradifyhq.com/5-simple-things-customers-look-for-in-an-electrician/