5 Ways Your Trade Business Can Win More Quotes

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Work less, quote fast, win jobs with this tradie app

For most businesses, getting quotes out fast – and looking good – is the easiest way to take work off your competitors. But if you’re like a lot of tradespeople, you’re already spending every waking moment doing paperwork and still falling behind. And you’ll know that if you take too long or completely miss a request, your customers won’t wait - and word will spread. 

Technology won’t solve every problem, but it can solve this one. With Tradify you’ll have a system in place that takes the effort out of quickly and professionally responding to new enquiries. Sounds good, right?

Mick Oates from Freedom Electrical was overwhelmed by mountains of paperwork, and Tradify’s simple quoting system has been a game-changer: 

“It has saved me days and days of time,” he says.

Here’s how you can use Tradify as part of a fast-response system that will have you winning more business – without spending nights and weekends slaving over your books.

1. Get back to people fast

Following up with every enquiry that comes your way is a sure-fire way to improve your quote win rate.

Managing different inboxes and checking your voicemail when you’re also on the tools can be nearly impossible. Instead, use Tradify enquiries. When people get in touch through your website or email address, it’ll appear as a job in Tradify straight away, so you’ll remember to follow it up. 

That’s a favourite feature for Dan Waters, GM of Keystones Electrical.

“That’s a really cool feature. It saves you double data-entry,” he says. “With Tradify, it’s so easy to quote, so within 10 minutes of the customer ringing you, boom – the quote’s done. Emailing it straight back to them – that will win business. It shows you’re quick and efficient. If it takes you a week to get back to the customer, they’ve gone elsewhere.”

2. Set up messages and auto-responses 

For that extra touch, set up an auto-response so people know when you’ll be back in touch. You can use your voicemail in a similar way – just record a professional voice message that tells callers when you’ll get back to them so they know what to expect. 

3. Quote on the fly using kits and templates

You’ve just spoken with a potential new client on the phone and you’ve promised to send a quote as soon as possible. How about right now?

Tradify’s Kits make quoting for a job simple. It’s a collection of materials, labour and other costs that make up an item – say, installing a downlight. These can be easily added to a quote – so rather than entering multiple costs individually, you can select one master item. You can do all of this and send the quote – all from your phone, while you’re out and about. 

“When a job comes up, I have those kits set up, so I don’t have to build quotes from scratch every time,” Mick explains.

If the job request is standard – like installing smoke alarms or clearing some guttering, you can choose one of your pre-set templates. Simply add, remove or update any details and you’re ready to hit send. 

As far as Dan Waters is concerned, that efficiency is all-important. 

“You’ll struggle without Tradify. It won’t work, especially when you’re competing with businesses like ours who are using it – we’ll win the business over and over again.”

5. See when clients need chasing

Often the most time-consuming – and important – part of quoting is following up with the client. One of Tradify’s latest features is what we’re calling x-ray vision, because it does kind of give you superpowers. 

When you send out a quote through Tradify you can see if the client has opened it – if you’ve had no response, it’s time to follow up. 

Clients can also accept your quote online, making the entire process super simple for them – something that will help you convert more enquiries into paying customers, more quickly. 

Similarly, with a quick scan of your Tradify dashboard you can clearly see where all your quotes are sitting, so you know who needs a nudge.

“It’s been a relief to have a system where I can track jobs on the go and not have to worry about it later,” says Mick Oates.

An added bonus is that these stats can also help you with accurately predicting your cash flow – so you can make sure your business is on track.

5. Check that you’re charging the right amount

It’s safe to assume that people shop around for the right tradie – and often the first thing they’ll compare is price. While it’s not all about price (previous client testimonials can play a big part), charge too much and you’ll lose work – but charge too little and your trades business won’t last.

To help you figure out the sweet spot – and be confident you’re sending a competitive quote – you can use Tradify’s billable rate calculator.

Quote faster, quote better

The secret to winning work more often is having a strong quote process – and for that, you need Tradify. Never worry about missing a new enquiry or forgetting to follow up on a quote. Quickly and easily throw together a quote, send and track it – and be confident you’re sending a winning proposal each and every time. 

Want to join 13,000+ tradies who are already improving their quote win rate? Take Tradify for a Free 14-day test drive or join a 30min demo to learn more.